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  1. An excellent reason why Democrats are toast in 2020.
  2. Howdy Doody takes back her apology to President Trump *gasp*
  3. Kikes dream come true !
  4. David Duke interview with Knud Eriksen
  5. 1st Amendment double standard
  6. Members of US Congress religious affiliation
  7. Fuck Off, Bibi. We’re Not Doing This Thing. FUCK OFF, YOU KIKE.
  8. Continuing calls to impeach Trump come from Congress' toxic hood.
  9. Oh, Irony..
  10. President Abbas spills the beans
  11. NJ police are forced to do simple tasks for jews (run errands, turn off light switch)
  12. Israel supports the Islamic State (IS, ISIS, ISIL, Daesh)
  13. Jewish EU bigwig and jewish lobby groups tried to influence Italian election
  14. Rush: Theories: Who Leaked the Mueller Questions?
  15. Kanye West: I Want to Apologize to George W. Bush for 2005 Comment
  16. Kanye West: Obama Was ‘Opioids’ to the Black Community
  17. Kanye West: More Outrage over Me Wearing a Trump Hat than Black-on-Black Crime
  18. Holy fuck, what happened?
  19. Shocking Video of Nikki Haley Groveling and Pandering at AIPAC Event (Israel Lobby)
  20. Jews refuse to report jewish pedophiles to the (non-jewish) police
  21. The board wipe is an evil plot by Persia to bring us to the Devil
  22. Top U.S. Trade Officials Headed to China with Cautious Optimism
  23. DeWine Took Funds From Members of Jihad-Tied Mosque in 2006
  24. Facebook Is Now Ranking News Organizations Based on ‘Trustworthiness’
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  26. Rush: Rush 24/7 Morning Update: Legacy
  27. Facebook Enlists Eric Holder’s Law Firm to ‘Advise’ on Anti-Conservative Bias
  28. Masters of the Universe: Facebook Wants to Control Your Love Life with New Dating Fea
  29. Allum Bokhari: ‘Breitbart Tech Has Become the Unofficial Appeals Process of Facebook’
  30. Rush: Stupidity Everywhere! Hawaii Wants to Ban Sunscreen
  31. US Politicians who hold US/Israel Citizenship
  32. Israel: Multiculturalism in Europe is payback
  34. Rush: Michael Caputo: Anti-Trump Hatred Is Ruining Lives
  35. Rush: My Translation of Kanye’s Brilliant Point on Slavery
  36. American funding to Israel will increase again in 2019
  37. Clinton Impeachment Lawyer Emmet Flood Expected to Bring More Aggressive Stance to Tr
  38. Michelle Obama Declares Herself America’s ‘Forever First Lady’
  39. Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook Will ‘Dial Up the Intensity’ of News ‘Suppression’ Leading
  40. Lindsey Graham is a fag
  41. All of the Republican West Virginia senate candidates suck
  42. Giuliani: Trump Reimbursed Cohen for Money Paid to Stormy Daniels, It Wasn’t Campaign
  43. Rudy Giuliani to Sean Hannity: Trump Repaid Michael Cohen $130,000
  44. Giuliani: I Think Mueller Has ‘Lost’ Power to Subpoena
  45. waddup mutha fucka
  46. dirty American capitalist pigs DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  47. Rush: Rush 24/7 Morning Update: Godless America
  48. Heritage Foundation Defends Facebook’s ‘Right’ to Censor, Will Oppose Regulation
  49. Heritage Foundation Defends Facebook’s ‘Right’ to Censor, Will Oppose Regulation
  50. Giuliani: Basis of Mueller Case ‘Dead’ — ‘Sessions Should Step in and Close It’
  51. Donald Trump Details Payment to Stormy Daniels: ‘Very Common Among Celebrities’
  52. Rush: Why Rudy Brought Up the Cohen Payment to Stormy
  53. Rush: Michael Caputo Attests to What I’ve Told You the Establishment Is Doing
  54. EXCLUSIVE–Trump Will Make ‘Major Legislative Push’ Ahead of Midterms to End ‘Dangerou
  55. Amid ‘Migrant Caravan,’ Apprehensions Along Mexican Border Increase for 4th Month
  56. Deep State: Feds Wiretapped President Trump Personal Lawyer Michael Cohen
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  58. Tucker Carlson: Feds’ Michael Cohen Investigation Tactics ‘Orwellian’ — ‘A Grotesque
  59. Rudy Giuliani: Nation Would Turn on Mueller if He Goes After Ivanka, Jared ‘Disposabl
  60. Exclusive — Carson: Left’s ‘Propaganda’ on Housing Reforms Is ‘Garbage,’ People Won’t
  61. Rush: Rush 24/7 Morning Update: Open Borders
  62. Donald Trump: Rudy Giuliani A ‘Great Guy’ But Will ‘Get His Facts Straight’
  63. ‘4% Is Broken!’ — Donald Trump Celebrates Low Unemployment Numbers
  64. Valerie Jarrett on Low Unemployment Numbers: We Should Look at Obama’s Progress
  65. Rush: Despite All the Crap Thrown at Him, Trump’s Approval Rises
  66. Rush: Judge in Manafort Case Tells Mueller He’s Overstepping
  67. Trump speech to NRA 5.4.18
  68. Donald Trump Credits Kanye West ‘Power’ for Boosting Approval Among Black Americans
  69. Trump: John Kerry Not the Best Negotiator or Bicycle Racer
  70. Trump at NRA Convention: ‘Come and Take It’
  71. Rumors from the rumor mill
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  73. CNN’s Don Lemon: ‘It’s My Obligation as a Journalist’ to Call Trump ‘Racist’
  74. Project Veritas: Teachers Union Presidents Suspended for Alleged Child Abuse Cover Up
  75. Bolton: New York Times Story About South Korea Troop Drawdown Is ‘Utter Nonsense’
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  77. Report: John Kerry Engaging in ‘Shadow Diplomacy’ with Iran to Save Nuclear Deal
  78. Russia Joins Ally Tehran in Demanding No Changes to Iran Nuclear Deal
  79. Delingpole: Happy Birthday, Karl Marx. Not.
  80. Trump to NRA Convention: Fewer Would Have Died in Paris if Patrons Could Shoot Back
  81. Joy Reid: Why Should People Trust Supreme Court ’Full of Partisans’ to Not Just Prote
  82. National Shooting Sports Foundation Cancels Dick’s Sporting Goods Membership
  83. Yankee imperialists DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE!!!!
  84. Brooks on Tax Bill: Seems Like ‘What the Trump People Told Us Would Happen Is Happeni
  85. Brooks: ‘Main Fact’ Is POTUS Paying a Porn Star ‘Seems Normal’ – But Sometimes We Get
  86. Maryland County Mulls $373,956 Fund to Pay Legal Expenses for Illegal Aliens Facing D
  87. Bokhari: ‘Free Market’ Defenders of Tech Giants Are Useful Idiots
  88. EXCLUSIVE – Juanita Broaddrick: ‘Despicable’ that ‘Sexual Predator’ Bill Clinton Plan
  89. Shock Study: Climate Skeptics More ‘Eco-Friendly’ than Climate Alarmists
  90. Sessions to be held in contempt of congress?
  91. I hope every feminist on earth gets raped by Harvey Weinstein
  92. Dinesh D’Souza Slams ‘Leftist Weasels’ Silent over Rosie O’Donnell’s Dem Donation Vio
  93. Report: Visas for Indian, Chinese Students Decline Under Trump
  94. Spike in Support for Trump Causes Pollster to Reject Own Poll
  95. Progressive Jimmy Dore taking the New York Times to task over Israel
  96. Nancy Pelosi Refuses to Call on Tony Cardenas to Resign After Child Molestation Claim
  97. Communist Antifa Members Burn Effigy of President Trump
  98. France Counters Trump: Will Not Loosen Gun Controls Regardless of 130 Shot to Death
  99. Rush: Rush 24/7 Morning Update: Common Ground
  100. Rush: Will the United Nations Fine Hawaii?
  101. Donald Trump Opposes Don Blankenship in West Virginia: ‘No Way’ He Can Win
  102. McCarthy: Dems Want to ‘Capture This Government to Try to Impeach’ or Block Bills or
  103. Donald Trump Hits John Kerry ‘Shadow Diplomacy’ on Iran Deal
  104. Rush: Unredacted House Intel Report Reveals the Railroading of Michael Flynn
  105. Rush: Stormy Daniels: Democrat Party Mascot
  106. Exclusive–In Ohio’s Trump Country, A Working-Class Millennial Mother Leads the ‘Ameri
  107. POLLAK: Mueller Teaming up with Schneiderman Further Undermines Russia Inquiry
  108. New Yorker: Four Women Accuse New York’s Attorney General Eric*Schneiderman of Physic
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  112. Election Day Round One: Establishment Forces Face MAGA Candidates in Tuesday Primarie
  113. Obama Says He Gets ‘Worried About Our Country’ — ‘Our Values Are Not Being Upheld’
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  115. Rush: Rush 24/7 Morning Update: Going Dark!
  116. Rush: Feminists Attempt But Fail to Protect Sexual Predator Schneiderman
  117. Promise Kept: Donald Trump Announces Decision to Withdraw from Iran Deal
  118. Soros-Financed Group Warns Trump of ‘Consequences’ for Bolting Iran Deal
  119. Report: IDF on High Alert for Iranian Attacks, Including Infiltration Attempts
  120. Rush: Cynthia Nixon: Put African-Americans in Charge of Pot Plantations
  121. Rush: Trump Exits Iran Deal
  122. Rush: Trump Exits Iran Deal
  123. Limbaugh promotes Iran War.
  124. ***Live Updates*** MAGA Candidates Center Stage in WV, IN, OH, NC Primaries
  125. Delingpole: From Paris and Korea to Iran, Trump Is Making the World Great Again
  126. Bob Corker on Iran Deal: ‘Disappointing Administration Was Unable to Reach an Agreeme
  127. Judeo Supremacist Notes the end for White males
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  132. West Virginia AG Patrick Morrisey Wins GOP Primary for Senate
  133. Report: South Korean Official Says Mike Pompeo Expected to Leave North Korea with 3 U
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  135. Rush: Rush 24/7 Morning Update: Reckoning
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  137. Rush: What Happened to Blankenship and the Blue Wave?
  138. Donald Trump Announces Freedom for American Citizens Detained in North Korea
  139. Taiwanese Deputy Minister: Chinese Military Exercises Aimed at the U.S.
  140. Nolte: Stormy Lawyer Michael Avenatti Plays Media Again
  141. Rush: Why Are Leftists So Upset About the Iran Deal?
  142. Rush: A Review of Obama’s Disastrous Iran Deal That Trump Just Saved Us From
  143. Trump Era Brings Home 14 Unjustly Detained Americans and Counting
  144. Three Prisoners Released from North Korea: ‘God Bless America, the Greatest Nation in
  145. IDF: Iranian Forces Fire Rockets at Israel
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  148. CNN Poll: ‘Blue Wave’ Virtually Disappears as Democrat Generic Congressional Ballot A
  149. President Trump Welcomes Americans Home from North Korea
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  153. Rush: Rush 24/7 Morning Update: Gifts From Libs
  154. Rush: Trump’s Making a Fool of Obama and the Drive-Bys Can’t Stand It!
  155. GOP’s DACA Push Is Lunacy or Fakery, Say Immigration Experts
  156. Donald Trump Mocks ‘Cryin’ Chuck Schumer’ Hypocrisy on Iran Deal
  157. CNN’s May Ratings Already Collapsing by 20-Plus Percent
  158. Donald Trump Mocks ‘Cryin’ Chuck Schumer’ Hypocrisy on Iran Deal
  159. Rush: Trump Gobsmacks the Media
  160. Do you believe in New World Order
  161. New Jersey Allows Illegal Aliens to Apply for State Financial Aid
  162. Report: DHS Sec. Kirstjen Nielsen ‘Was Close to Resigning’ After Trump Blasted Her fo
  163. Trump Calls Out Democrat for Wearing ‘I Do Not Believe in Borders’ T-Shirt
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  166. The Nuclear Option: Trump Schools Diplomatic ‘Experts’ on How to Make a Deal
  167. Despite Detente, North Korea Warns U.S. Against ‘Stupid Behavior’
  168. Donald Trump, Mike Pence Decry ‘Unprecedented Obstruction from Democrats’ at Indiana
  169. Rush: Rush 24/7 Morning Update: Contrast
  170. Rush: The Iranians Never Signed Obama’s Deal!
  171. Nolte — Poll: Optimism in Direction of Country Hits 11-Year High Under Trump
  172. Blue State Blues: Thanks to Trump, U.S.-Israel Relations Are at Their Strongest Ever
  173. Exclusive: Hagee Says Trump, Like Truman, Earned ‘Political Immortality’ by Moving Em
  174. Rush: Caller Clues Us In to Stormy’s Democrat Past
  175. Rush: Caller Clues Us In to Stormy’s Democrat Past
  176. Rush: Trump’s Strategic Brilliance: He’s David, the Swamp Is Goliath
  177. Report: DHS Secretary Nielsen ‘Implored’ Not to Quit by John Kelly As Illegal Immigra
  178. Grassley Demands Flynn-Kislyak Intercepts, Accuses Comey of Lying About Flynn Lying
  179. Study: Sanctuary Cities Nearly Double Under Trump’s Stricter Enforcement
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  186. Maher, Killer Mike: There’s a Racial Element to Gun Control That Must Be Considered
  187. Kudlow: Trump Economic Victories Will Play ‘Huge Role’ in 2018 Races
  188. ‘Progressive’ Congressional Candidate’s Ad: ‘F*ck the NRA’
  189. The Hill: Democrats Say Trump’s Economy May Break ‘Blue Wave’
  190. Nancy Pelosi: We’re Raising Taxes When We Win
  191. North Korea Invites International Media to Watch Nuclear Test Site Shutdown
  192. Judge Jeanine: Trump Sending a Message to Iran, Russia that the U.S. Is ‘Back’
  193. Brooks: ‘We’re in a Better Situation with North Korea’ – Maybe Trump Understands Thug
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  196. I think the LGBT movement is in control of the Progressive agenda. Sounds crazy huh?
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  200. March for Life Celebrates ‘Courageous’ Birth Mothers
  201. Obama’s Former Israel Envoy Admits Trump’s Jerusalem Move ‘Could Help End Conflict’
  202. Watch: Trump Envoy David Friedman Previews Jerusalem Embassy
  203. U.S. Envoy Sees Hope for Peace After Israel Embassy Move to Jerusalem
  204. Ahead of U.S. Embassy Opening, Israel Doubles Number of Troops in Gaza, West Bank
  205. Report: Trump Allies Slam DHS Secretary Nielsen as ‘Never Trumper’
  206. Seafood Industry Complains of Tightened Labor Market, Begs Trump to Import More Forei
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  210. ‘Thank You President Trump’ on Walls of Jerusalem on Eve of Embassy Move
  211. EXCLUSIVE: American Christians Celebrate Historic Opening of U.S. Embassy in Jerusale
  212. Virgil: Hail, Zuckerberg! Facebook Wins the Battle of Capitol Hill, But What Will He
  213. Rush: Rush 24/7 Morning Update: The Rebellion Spreads
  214. Rush: I Know the Name of the Spy the FBI Put in the Trump Campaign
  215. http://www.viralsupplement.com/epic-male-enhancement/
  216. Rush: The Mueller Investigation Is a Set Up
  217. Klein: Journalists Take Hamas Terrorists’ Word as Fact in Gaza Riot Coverage
  218. Chaffetz: Only Trump Had ‘the Political Guts’ to Move U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem
  219. Chutzpah! Egypt Condemns Israeli Force Against ‘Peaceful Marches’ as Violent Hamas Ri
  220. President Trump Forgoes Israeli Independence Celebration To Be with Recovering Melani
  221. Israeli Ambassador Awards President Trump Medal at 70th Anniversary of Independence C
  222. Republican Gov. Proposes Gun Confiscation Orders, 72-Hour Wait Period on Firearm Purc
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  227. DHS Shuts Big Loophole to Deter Illegal-Immigrant Students, Workers
  228. Senator Bill Cassidy: Build the Wall — and Make the Cartels Pay for It
  229. Rubio: ‘This Confrontation with China Is by Far the Most Important Thing Facing This
  230. Rush: Guest Host Mark Steyn
  231. North Korea Walks Out of Talks with South over Joint Drills with U.S.
  232. North Korea: We Are Setting a ‘Good Example’ on Human Rights with ‘Politics of Love’
  233. Schmidt on Israel Embassy Move: There Is Blood on Trump’s Hands
  234. Exclusive — U.S. Ambassador David Friedman: Media Bear Some ‘Responsibility’ for Pale
  235. ABC Boss Defends Black and Asian Families Joke on ‘Roseanne,’ Insists Next Season Wil
  236. The Nuclear Option: Trump Bucks Establishment Yet Again by Keeping Campaign Promise
  237. ‘Put an Empty Space to Better Use’: Irish Urged to House Migrants in Spare Beds
  238. Watch: Father and Son Brutally Beaten After Drinking Alcohol at Belgian Halal Restaur
  239. IDF: 24 Killed Gaza Rioters Were Terrorist Group Members
  240. Rush: Guest Host Ken Matthews
  241. Robert Mueller Issues Grand Jury Subpoenas to Roger Stone’s ‘Twitter Specialist’
  242. James Comey Dodges Senate Russia Hearing as Contradictions, Questions Mount
  243. Democratic Control: Senate Passes Resolution to Restore Net Neutrality
  244. Ryan Sketches Plan for Amnesty Bill to Mollify Business-First GOP
  245. Nancy Pelosi: Holdout Pro-Amnesty GOP Reps Are Just Letting Lame-Duck Paul Ryan ‘Save
  246. Leakers to NYT Confirm FBI Ran Spy Operation Against Trump Campaign
  247. Adultery should be illegal
  248. Four Ways Speaker Ryan Can Block the Discharge Amnesty
  249. Trump Asks Sessions to Consider Prosecuting Oakland Mayor for ‘Obstruction of Justice
  250. Why is criticising Israel a leftist thing?