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  1. The ACLU plans to sue over the national emergency declaration for the wall
  2. (((Jussie Smollett))) allegedly orchestrated attack, new evidence suggests.
  3. Wisconsin gayvernor proposes driver's licenses for illegal invaders
  4. Elijah Cummings is referring (((Michael Cohen))) to the DoJ for perjury
  5. Pro-Jeb Bush superPAC illegally took $1.3 million from Chinese owned corporation
  6. Hollywood actresses busted in massive bribery operation.
  7. Migrant Crimes in Germany are Concealed to ‘Avoid Stirring Up Prejudice’
  8. US Navy warship quarantined
  9. Mosque Shoot em up in NZ
  10. Lindh’s May 2019 prison release
  11. Mueller investigation concludes...
  13. Magog Lays It Out
  14. Creepy porn lawyer arrested
  15. Zucker: No Apologies for CNN Bullshit Marathon.
  16. Negro Faggot Hate Hoaxer Walks Scott Free
  17. Zucker and CNN get shredded.
  18. Green New Deal receives ZERO votes in the Senate
  19. Conservative projected winner in Wisconsin Supreme Court election
  20. Israel's election today
  21. Trump trolling libs again...
  22. Conservatives Need to Reclaim Feminism or Pick a New Word
  23. Mueller report: no criminal conspiracy/collusion
  24. Sri Lanka Easter bombing.
  25. Corrupt Baltimore Democrat Mayor May Have Fled State After FBI and IRS Raid