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  1. None for you, Lucky: Substitute Caddie allegedly stiffed by winning PGA golfer.
  2. 41% of jobs gained from Februrary 2018 to February 2019 went to foreigners
  3. Secret Service created to investigate
  4. Ted Turner brand removed by ATT-Time Warner.
  5. Sorry, AOC, but even the dirtiest liberals agree that you did it.
  6. Mattress stores
  7. WoW airline
  8. Do US multinationals even have a country? Not really, according to this survey.
  9. I want to spurt my jizz into AOC's cunt
  10. How Central Banks Are Propping Up Stock Prices
  11. Government Municipal Bonds
  12. How did Amazon get away with paying $0 in US taxes?
  13. Websites Owned/Aministered by Jews
  14. thanks for the trade war, Trump
  15. Index investing / Nobel prize
  16. single payer health care can help small businesses