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  1. Transgender Soldier At Fort Carson: 'I Would Love To Stay'
  2. 'Tennessee Natural Marriage Defense Act' seeks to strip gay marriage rights.
  3. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez turns up on Donkey Kong stream to back trans rights
  4. Gay porn star opens up about his dad sexually abusing him
  5. 13-year-old boy sexually abused ‘by 21 men’ on Grindr
  6. British school gets rid of "anti-homophobia" class at the request of Muslims
  7. Name change is almost official!
  8. Michigan government to create “thought criminal” database
  9. Celebs transgender kids.
  10. PBS cramming faggotry down children's throats
  11. Lena Dunham Poses Nude "to Encourage People to Love Themselves More."