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  1. New attempts at Hearing Protection Act, National Reciprocity introduced
  2. Supreme Court takes gun rights case for 1st time in 9 years
  3. Man Has Firearms Confiscated As A result Of Registration in California
  4. Some stats on black murders.
  5. NC political climate growing more favorable to arming teachers.
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  7. Federal Court strikes down California hi-cap magazine ban!
  8. Dick’s Cost Itself Millions With Its Anti-Gun Policies.
  9. Oregon
  10. 9 mil handgun for self protection?
  11. STUDY: Americans Use Firearms In Defense Between 500,000 And 3 Million Times A Year
  12. Should felons have their 2A rights restored?
  13. Is it worth learning to shoot a muzzle-loading rifle?
  14. Political playbook
  15. .22 caliber for concealed carry self defense?
  16. take all dem guns a way, mutha fuqua!
  17. Hickok45 vs rachel maddow