View Full Version : You really can't believe everything you read

Eric Cartman
05-21-2019, 01:38 AM
According to this article, Virginia has a Democrat in the state legislature who is pretending to be a Republican, and he stays in office by Democrats interfering in Republican primaries.


But when you actually look at his voting record he clearly isn't the same as a Democrat.

Emmett Hanger voted Yea (Passage) - HB 2264 - Prohibits State Funding of Abortion Services

Emmett Hanger voted Yea (Passage) - SB 1262 - Requires Sanctuary Cities to be Liable for Civil Damages Caused by Undocumented Immigrants

Emmett Hanger voted Yea (Conference Report Vote) - HB 1852 - Authorizes Individual Issued Protective Order to Carry A Concealed Handgun.

Emmett Hanger voted Yea (Passage With Amendment) - HB 2000 - Prohibits Establishment of Sanctuary Cities

All of those votes would be unacceptable in a Democratic primary for instance.

Don't get me wrong, I bet this Emmett Hanger guy is corrupt as hell. Just look at his evil-looking face. This is him on the left with "reformed" klansman Ralph Northam.


But the writer's claim that he may vote with Democrats 90% of the time is extreme exaggeration.

Would I primary him if I lived in that district? Probably, but a lot of conservative authors really want to be victims and losers and it disgusts me.

number four
05-21-2019, 08:26 AM
prolly close to 125 of those in our federal congress