View Full Version : Massive Global Cyberattack Targeting U.S., U.N.

08-03-2011, 05:42 AM
It's CHINA! Well yeah, of course. Did you think it was Nigeria?

The world's most extensive case of cyber-espionage, including attacks on U.S. government and U.N. computers, is set to be revealed Wednesday by online security firm McAfee, and analysts are speculating that China is behind the attacks. The spying were dubbed “Operation Shady RAT,” or “remote access tool” by McAfee. Analysts told The Washington Post that the finger of blame for the infiltration of the 72 networks -- 49 of them in the U.S. -- points firmly in the direction of China.

Targets for the intrusions -- identified from logs tracked to a single server -- included computer networks of the United Nations secretariat, a U.S. Energy Department lab, some dozen U.S. defense firms and a U.K. defense contractor. Companies in construction, steel, energy, solar power, technology, accounting and media were targeted.

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