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Jim Profit
11-06-2010, 03:23 PM
Who had the audacity to say people should not fear the government, government should fear the people.

I don't fear government. I love government. I've been over this before. You damn rightwing "anarchists" are pathological liars and scumbags. Was it government that banned me from half the internet? No... it was asshole private owners of web...sites, leaving me with nothing left to do or look at. I'm being trampled upon. My right to freespeech, my right to an education, my right to educate others... all taken away from me because of the concept of property. "My forum". Well my gun. BANGBANGBANG!!! Pieces of shit...

Where as government offers me welfare, capitalism tells me to go into an enclosed space with a bunch of other employees and play a series of deadly sports to see who comes out the winner and has earned the right to a wage.

Where as government's only rule is to support them and our glorious nation, capitalism just makes up rules and we're expected to follow them, even if we don't know what those rules are. Can't put cups of coffee on the coffee table?! Who the fuck made up that rule?! Can't even finish the whole sentence before I'm fired... or banned... or some other bullshit...

I've made three rules as regarding the internet. These are three sensible rules. Not "anyone with a connection and a plastic badge can make them up". Natural law you could say. Laws anyone can abide by and respect. If I havn't broken any of these rules, then I have the right to hang the capitalist who degraded and raped me by a fucking rope. Period.

No. 1: Copyright. This doesn't mean sony can go around deleting amvs from youtube. It just means, legally and morally, that you should cite the source of whatever it is you're using. Say for example I quote a famous author, I should show his name too. Copyright is giving recognition, not free reign.

No. 2: Child porn. All porn digusts me quite frankly... This is more of a compromise on my part, as I'd like there to be NO PORN on the internet. But I suppose if we can villainize child porn, it'll slowly work our way up and atleast leave porn pictures on more seedy websites.

No. 3: Hacking. I don't understand why assholes like anonymous don't DDoS forums that actually deserve it. I guess because they'd have to DDoS themselves... I can understanding putting up defenses and barring people who've tried to hack into your forum. It'd be like someone trying to bomb your car or house. Most often it isn't even deserved. Bunch of spineless pigs who are too stupid and evil to go after the people who NEED to be hacked... But I digress...

Anything that isn't these three is a display of aggression against you. Because it's some jackass making shit up. Rules outside these three are arbitary, and only exist to single you out. If you want to play the bully, I will collumbine and shoot your ass. Thats how we need to treat the capitalists. And I don't mean the guy in a leather chair smoking a cigar capitalist. I mean the everyman. The dumb fucking hillbilly, who works a dead end job, but still thinks Obama's trying to tax him to death. Or the sixteen year old punk who thinks he can tell me what to do from the safety of a moniter. That's the kind of capitalist that supports the deadweight of the cigar smoking capitalist!


11-06-2010, 06:00 PM
I guess he outgrew Sponge bob Square pants and moved onto Space Cowboy .

Destined For Greatness
11-06-2010, 06:28 PM
Who had the audacity to say people should not fear the government, government should fear the people.


Do you realize how sick you are, Junior? You are also an immature little excuse for a human being.