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  1. A Requiem for Australia

    I observe the happenings and the groupthink that now defines Australian society, it is said that a life unexamined is not worth living. I think that this can be applied to the sovereignty of nations and more importantly the societies that make up that nation. Quite frankly Australia has fallen into the same mold as Sweden and Germany, it has the same adherance to political correctness and identity politics. I see the same vested interests being held as absolutes worthy of devotion, to be considered ...
  2. Prayer of Atziluth for Lilith and Marinette

    Prayers should, infact indeed be offered for the reconciliation for Lilith and Marinette to reconcile themselves with God and redeem themselves on this earth in this world (Tebhel and Cheled in Assiah). If this happens we can counteract the reversal of order that is taking place now.

    I have done previous posts where I have dealt with Lilith and Marinette and I do believe we have to act now. I'm not saying that I know everything, infact you may have a more efficient prayer or general ...
  3. Link dump

    Just dumping linx, have to do a browser reinstall.
    Nothing special....

    Paypal developing a password you can EAT | Daily Mail Online
    Jonathan Leblanc, the California-based company’s top developer, said that the devices could be injectable too and include mini computers. Stock image pictured.

    The ...
  4. The pedophile Brysing

    I went to to post about magic to show what its really about instead of worshipping pixies and elves and expecting to get everything they want.
    Needless to say I wasnt appreciated by the moderators, I especially got hassled by a moderator named Brysing.

    Now if you havent been to that site, well to sum it up it is overrun by dumbass kids and the mentally ill. So this moderator called Brysing starts hassling me and trying to bait me to have me violate the forum ...
  5. Leon on YouTube - just watch it!

    Yes posters, lurkers and spammers.....
    I have my own YouTube channel, currently I have 40 something clips, everything from Satanism to Kabbalah to showing up western atheists (Nihiltheists).
    Soooooo..... if you want to see what I look like..., go get some leon indoctrination and you might be as great as me.

    ...... yeah....
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