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These are a few of ....

Some of favorite things. Blasts from the past and present...

  1. incredible..proper diet , reuptake inhibitors. i feel 20 years old

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    I love you Dawg and I appreciate you but thankfully you are not a Dr. Your focus is on two things. Meds and control. Youve made ONE mention about antiinflamatories but have shown zero interest in what's best for me and my quality of life. Sorry about the Baskin robbins but I'm a drive thru guy so I'm good. As for "detox "? Are you serious ? I believe that suggests you are the addiction panic flavor of the week ? Detox ? I can detox . Ive done it many times. I can even quit . I don't want
  2. Paintings, Pics, Sketches we like...

    "People dancing , people laughing . A man selling ice cream .....and
    singing Italian songs"
  3. Why is PTA so motherfucking catty?

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    It dawns on me rthat perhaps there are punctilios. Those few extra footfalls of effort, that make or break. You could argue to the comntary, but I'm sure I don't miss my guess. A woman is a woman is a coven, as thr adage goes. Soxes, you're moving too fast, brah.
  4. Good ol' Mark Twain.

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    heres a tidbit. positivism hey? o0kay. see my siggy? its a ship. meant to be torpedoed.................yeah. it was made to receive detonations from torpedoes......................................... ............................and I shit you NOT! okay. take that for what it is. im telling the lot of you that the entire bunch has been fiercely indoctrinated by whichever schooling system they've gone to............. let that soak in.
    Oddly enough it seems those that didn't attend college ...
  5. I may be tied up for a little while

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    Family relationships are complex. Love and hate often figure in the mix. Sigh. So juvenile, and predictable. Paint by number emotions. Sensitivity of a gerbil on steroids, soxy. On ignore you go.
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