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  1. The Systematic Bullying

  2. A Requiem for Australia

    I observe the happenings and the groupthink that now defines Australian society, it is said that a life unexamined is not worth living. I think that this can be applied to the sovereignty of nations and more importantly the societies that make up that nation. Quite frankly Australia has fallen into the same mold as Sweden and Germany, it has the same adherance to political correctness and identity politics. I see the same vested interests being held as absolutes worthy of devotion, to be considered ...
  3. Barbra Streisand: ‘Donald Trump is making me gain weight’

    Quote Originally Posted by Mossfern View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by sportyspliff View Post
    Her pic is making me feel yucky in teh belly.

    Shouldn't she be on a leash or in a zoo at least...
    Post a photo of yourself, then you can legitimately judge how other people look.

    It has nothing to do with her weight.
  4. Paintings, Pics, Sketches we like...

    "People dancing , people laughing . A man selling ice cream .....and
    singing Italian songs"
  5. Why is PTA so motherfucking catty?

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    It dawns on me rthat perhaps there are punctilios. Those few extra footfalls of effort, that make or break. You could argue to the comntary, but I'm sure I don't miss my guess. A woman is a woman is a coven, as thr adage goes. Soxes, you're moving too fast, brah.
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