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  1. Unprovoked attacks

    I've decided to document unprovoked attacks/ trolls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superdude View Post
    Oh yeah Jimmy Rockford that ain't you drinking it either you're old.

    Mossfern is older than Lummy.
  2. Mount Etna explosion

    Quote Originally Posted by PTA View Post
    Rumor is its time for Mt Vesuvius to blow.
    Mount Vesuvius erupted this morning.
    Elemental is just a troll with no original thoughts.

    Original thread that was trolled:

    Updated 04-12-2017 at 12:07 PM by PTA

  3. incredible..proper diet , reuptake inhibitors. i feel 20 years old

    Quote Originally Posted by Superdude View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by cotton View Post
    I love you Dawg and I appreciate you but thankfully you are not a Dr. Your focus is on two things. Meds and control. Youve made ONE mention about antiinflamatories but have shown zero interest in what's best for me and my quality of life. Sorry about the Baskin robbins but I'm a drive thru guy so I'm good. As for "detox "? Are you serious ? I believe that suggests you are the addiction panic flavor of the week ? Detox ? I can detox . Ive done it many times. I can even quit . I don't want
  4. The Systematic Bullying

  5. A Requiem for Australia

    I observe the happenings and the groupthink that now defines Australian society, it is said that a life unexamined is not worth living. I think that this can be applied to the sovereignty of nations and more importantly the societies that make up that nation. Quite frankly Australia has fallen into the same mold as Sweden and Germany, it has the same adherance to political correctness and identity politics. I see the same vested interests being held as absolutes worthy of devotion, to be considered ...
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