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  1. Thanks, brother.
  2. The two arcangels on the old ark of the old covenant, are Light and Darkness separated out of chaotic God in the beginning of all creation. Satan is an angel who was left to keep Adam from approaching the tree of life by the Darkness which spoke as the right hand, or the authority of God...The Darkness is the one who had the power of Death, just as the Light, the Lord Jesus Christ, has the power of Life. The ark of the New Covenant is literally the flesh body of The Lord Jesus Christ, who raised from the dead just as Aaron's rod budded, who's flesh is the shew bread, He was the manna from heaven broken for us.

    You know who sit's at the right hand of the Majesty on High now, who took the book of Life from the hand of Death forever. Wise up, time is short.
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