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Food joint that caters to illegals is vandalized with poop, jew owner starts to cry

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Owner says 'Sanctuary restaurant' in Oakland vandalized with human waste

In the East Bay Monday, a restaurant owner believes he was the victim of a hate crime -- the target of vandals who defaced the front of a cafe with human waste, because owners offer sanctuary for all immigrants. () it happened at Ba-Bite, a Middle Eastern restaurant on Piedmont Avenue in Oakland. () "First reaction, I cried a little bit," said Robert Gott, who got a huge shock when the front of his restaurant was vandalized. Employee Leemor Benny was the first to see it. "I walked up, saw windows covered in sludge," he said. "Something that is just vile, smelled really bad."

Which is worse: that this jew-owned restaurant caters to illegal aliens who rape, rob and murder Americans, or that somebody threw poop at one of its windows?