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Jewish EU bigwig tries to influence Italian election

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Attilio Fontana, who is running for governor in Lombardy, which is Italy's richest region, made the following surprisingly honest statement about the third-world savages that anti-Western jew globalists like George Soros are flooding Europe with:

"We can't (accept all) because we all don't fit, thus we must make choices," Fontana said. "We must decide if our ethnicity, if our white race, if our society must continue to exist or if it must be cancelled out."

Fontana is backed by Italy's biggest right-wing parties, including Forza Italia, which is headed by the former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi. Fontana's opponents are now calling for him to drop out of the gubernatorial race, and jews are attacking him by calling him ignorant and saying that the white race doesn't exist:

"It's inconceivable that in 2018 one must repeat to ignorant ones that there doesn't exist a white race to defend, 80 years after the promulgation of the racial laws," Ruth Dureghello, president of Rome's Jewish community, said in a tweet.

Matteo Salvini, who is the leader of Fontana's party, and its candidate for prime minister, defended Fontana by saying that the Islamization of Italy must be stopped, and he called attention to the many serious crimes that third-world immigrants commit against Italians.

The evil jew Pierre Moscovici, who is the European Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs, Taxation and Customs, doesn't care about the plight of the Italian people; instead he attacked Fontana by calling his statement scandalous, and he said that "racist" parties should be combatted:

Elezioni, commissario Ue Moscovici: ‘Fontana sulla razza? Scandaloso’. Lui insiste: ‘Ne parla anche la Costituzione’

Commentando le parole del candidato governatore della Lombardia per il centrodestra ha aggiunto che "i partiti illiberali, razzisti, estremisti, vanno combattuti sul piano politico".

Here's an English-language article about this subject:

Fontana 'white-race' comments scandalous

"Illiberal, racist, extremist parties should be fought on the political terrain,"

Born in Paris, he is the son of the influential Romanian-Jewish social psychologist Serge Moscovici and of the Polish-Jewish psychoanalyst Marie Bromberg-Moscovici.[1]

So here we have an EU bigwig – a jew, as usual – who, during an Italian election campaign, says that right-wing parties that represent a huge part of Italy's population should be combatted. And this is the same EU that falsely accuses Russia of interfering with other countries' elections. Once again, the Jewropean Jewnion shows its hypocrisy, its contempt for democracy, and most importantly, its hatred of the European peoples.