are ready to Build A Wind Generator of your own.

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:tongue2:Here is a peak into the bottom of our entryway closet, it is filled [url=http://www.windgeneratorhummer.com/]Wind generator[/url]. We have a top for the wooden box which is lined with a plastic coating. It is vented to the outside by way of a pipe for safety. Most battery storage areas I have seen are rather hideous, but we feel that with a bit of ingenuity they can be hidden very effectively.

You want to have access to the batteries and be able to monitor the battery charging frequently. We placed a small meter on the wall to tell us at a glance if the batteries were charging or if there were problems. The [url=http://www.windgeneratorhummer.com/]Wind turbine[/url] batteries themselves are deep cycle and very heavy.

We designed the box to fit in the closet so that we could keep an eye on things and make sure the batteries didnít get either too hot or too cold. Batteries are rather sensitive to extremes in temperature and will not work properly.

Your battery bank is the heart of your renewable energy system and should be treated with care. A rather large diameter wire should be run from the [url=http://www.windgeneratorhummer.com/]Wind generator[/url] to the battery bank and then you can hook up an inverter to run your AC power outlets in your home.

All of this is explained in much greater detail in the wind generator plans. We even show you a source of free deep cycle batteries for your renewable energy system, actually a couple different sources.

Now that you have learned all of the various parts that make up a [url=http://www.windgeneratorhummer.com/]Wind turbine[/url], where to find a reasonably priced wind generator tower and even which batteries to use in your system, you are ready to Build A Wind Generator of your own.