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Jim Profit

Jim Profit lays it down on the unprofessional behavior of many so called attorneys.

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Phone numbers, names, everything. If they want to side with the unlawful, rapists and bullies. Fine then... I will just expose them. What happens to them from there is out of my hands.
And here Jim Profit makes an open challenge to anonymous, and publicly stresses their website bandwith. As I said in the video, it isn't to DDoS you specifically, it's to show you what I'm willing to do, and how I will not let this stand anymore. Evil will be punished, I will be compensated, and my pride will stay intact.

I have something to prove here. If I can ever get a hold of a moderator, I will physically beat and gag them on camera. You sick fucks worship death cults, bootlickers, and pedophiles. I am not bound to your "rules", your expectations, anything... I am better then you. You are the fucking goyim, and you will rot beneath the earth.

I descend from warriors. My blood pumps with the veins of men who slaughtered their slave masters, and wore their blood like a Juggalo. They lived on war, they knew that the battle between good and evil was never going to be put to rest by sitting still. And even when they died... there would still be new wars to be fought. It's amazing how the fat, stupid, docile masses... could ever descend from tribes who welcomed death, so that they could move the sun with their spirit. Or sleep in Valhalla, drinking liquor, and banging bimbos all day long. That was when they weren't slaying demons and placing their foot firmly upon their wretched heads.

I'm not trying to be a bad ass here. If it were up to me, I'd just hug bunny rabbits and smoke hookah all day. But there is so much wrong with the world, so many despicable types, that get away with all sorts of crimes. And I'm not even fucking asking for much here. Just the bare minimum. My dignity as a human being to say what I want, where I want, uninfringed. Not even that... Because it's not the tyranny and oppression of internet censorship that bothers me so much. It's the complete conceded attitude of moderators that they can target me specifically. Discriminate, pick and choose... This isn't even about freedom. What is freedom anyway?

This is about equality. They get treated better, they get better out of life, for fucking nothing. They don't deserve any of it. And then they turn around, and treat me worse. Meanwhile... 4chan will go spew fourth some more child pornography, some twat will type down some more ignorant shit. But this nigger right here has to grim and bare the wrath of impotent moderators... because they're having a bad day, or just don't like me. No more. It ends here and now.


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    The vids dont work!
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    Soxes, you're such a dork.