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Gilbert Fallgelb

Limbaugh Says:

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The one thing that Limbaugh clearly demonstrates is how easy it is for anyone who can get a talk show, to lie and cheat his way to success.

This election season is one of the best examples.

Why it is that the public can't catch on to what the jerk is doing can't be explained other than to say the American people are way too gullible and not that attentive.

Let's look at the Limbaugh jerk or the jerk that's making jerks out of the American people.

He clearly stated that it's not his intention or job to make candidates or support them or endorse them..; and nor is it his job or intention to destroy their political careers. Anyones.

THIS IS A FACT ! Something many will remember..,

But then he clearly stated how Geo H bush hired him to take out the candidacy of Pat Buchanan and Ross Perot who were challenging the liberal GOP insider vying for Potus. Back in the day.And Limbaugh did not disappoint did he?

He destroyed both Perot and Buchanan and he was rewarded with a weekend stay at the White House and he did get to sleep in the Lincoln bedroom. That's a clear fact by his own admission.

Later he was asked by DUBYA to promote the WMDs scam on his idiot audience and again Limbaugh performed as asked . And this time he got exclusive broadcasting rights into the war theatre and into Soldiers Radio Broadcasting. Way to go RUSH!

And now his job is to take out Cruz for future favors from Mr. Trump. I wonder what that will look like?

And this he does by praising CRUZ in the way only Limbaugh can do. And this is by never failing to mention how much everyone hates Cruz HATE HATE HATE CRUZ .. That's Limbaugh's way of praising Cruz And for Trump.. well the guy is a genius! And everyone now is starting to come around,, why Rush you are a sweetie!

Tell us Limbaugh how you do not endorse candidates ,you lying son of a bitch! Always remind your audience how everyone thinks Cruz is nasty and hates him and how this is GOOD! .. and remind us how people are coming over to TRUMP!
Limbaugh, I hope you burn in HELL you disgusting bastard .