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Gilbert Fallgelb

Limbaugh Says:

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Limbaugh will sell out anyone at anytime to make an obscene profit.

What has this scumbag ever done to help the American people .?

He has destroyed the GOP by destroying the political careers of anyone who had a chance of winning because it threatened the jewish moneybags that financially support him. And this support comes in the form of allowing him to say the garbage he's been saying and getting away with for decades.

And for the deflection he provides the Zionist plague on the earth. Even if it means the deaths of American soldiers. All Limbaugh will do is mock all the homeless veterans. Limbaugh who claims to be a great American has never lifted a finger to help not one single US veteran EVER!

And all he does now is to feed TRUMP the sound bites he needs to excite the TEA PARTY and hayseeds . DO NOT EVER VOTE FOR TRUMP better Hillary than TRUMP!