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Gilbert Fallgelb


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So Mr. Conservative,the Dr. of Democracy , the head jerk at the institute for conservative studios and acolyte of Reagan and buck tooth Buckley. has decided to promote the virtues of Trump a former Democrat .

The problem is that Trump is a clever glib performer who wants the Presidency on the cheap.

He's not qualified by any measure. But Limbaugh doesn't care ..

Limbaugh has never cared ;Limbaugh has been nothing but a clever con artist taking advantage of simple minded folks to amass a huge fortune for himself at your expense.

The bastard has led you down the primrose path. Limbaugh has been putting on a clever act for 30 years and the GOP and all of YOU have bought into it.

There's a close personal relationship between Trump and Limbaugh and Rush is close to tossing in the towel and hopes to increase his net worth by helping Trump.

Conservative American values can go down the toilet.

Limbaugh has been playing games with the News media and the hayseed public for years ;and I admit he's done a good job.

Anyone that has 3hrs. a day to pump his propaganda into the mainstream will eventually have an effect of the public.

Anyone who cheats and scams the public can use the 3hrs a day programming to rationalize every stupid position he can ever make.

Eventually Limbaugh will go back to making money as the great arch conservative as usual,once the election s over.

Limbaugh is a big fraud and really should've been arrested a long time ago.

The only way to get back at the SOB is to boycott anything and everything his sponsors sell over his time slot.

Limbaugh has again thrown a great American under the bus[TED CRUZ] but the people will never get another chance if they fail to vote for CRUZ!