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Gilbert Fallgelb

The Great Limbaugh Betrayal..

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The Trump campaign and its early success was something of a surprise to political watchers and predictors . But few know how it began;few are familiar with events that formed the nucleus to the Trump bid for POTUS.

It started innocent enough with Limbaugh[you guessed it] having lunch with Ted Cruz about a year ago or maybe more. And this was at a conservative values luncheon where Cruz and El Rushbo sat down together and discussed tea and tactics for the upcoming primary season.

Cruz ,looking for a friend in the mass mainstream media thought he had a willing and sympathetic listener with Limbaugh at the table ;and Cruz basically outlined his positions and hoping he would get the nod of approval from Rush;and this he did.. Limbaugh stated to Cruz that his fan club had similar views to those held by Cruz and Limbaugh saw no problem in airing the Cruz dialectic on his 3hr. daily program. And things went well;or so Cruz thought.

But no sooner was lunch finished than Limbaugh got up and got on the phone and scheduled a meeting with the Trumpster.

And here the great political betrayal of the 21 century took place... And just as Judas Iscariot betrayed the Great Nazarene into the hands of the Jews so did Limbaugh betray the political strategy of Ted Cruz into the eyes and ears of the sleaze bucket TRUMP!

He basically and in few words encouraged Trump to enter the fray; that Cruz was a light weight and could easily be defeated; and all it took was to hound him and call him a few choice words and Cruz would cave in. This appealed to the egotistical Trump and in addition to sweeten the pot Limbaugh offered to send Trump all of his talking points whereby he excites the hayseeds with his anti Hispanic rhetoric and his war on women rhetoric etc.
And trump followed Limbaugh's suggestions and this is how the Trump campaign started and just as the Limbaugh career began with vitriol against others who could not defend themselves so did the Trump political run for POTUS start and with the added cutting humor that goes with everything Limbaugh says and does on the air.

And just as Judas Iscariot rose up from the Last Supper and with a sneer on his face deserted the community of the faithful so did Limbaugh turn away and betray the community of conservatives from which he had made a fortune pretending he was one of them.

And today Limbaugh with the same sneer on his JUDAS face continues to betray the conservative faithful ;hoping to gain favor with the rich and famous.