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Gilbert Fallgelb

The Trump Desire

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What does Mr. Trump want out of the election and the presidency if he should win?

The past will always tell you something about a person's future and the direction he will take and go toward.

Trump has no concern for the future of this country one way or the other. All he cares about ,not unlike his mentor ,RUSH LIMBAUGH ,is wealth.

Ironically, Trump's game plan for himself once he gains the White House is to follow the template of the part of the world he totally detests ;and that's Latin America.

Trump is a natural latifundista and this economic model is what has gained him a fortune in real estate.

The Latifundists of Latin America expanded their real estate by using the eminent domain idea which allowed them to buy property or to steal it from the indigenous populations of South America.

This is how Trump will increase his holdings, but again, following the Latino model ,the wealth derived by using eminent domain will accrue into the portfolios of his totally corrupted and useless asocial drones in his immediate family.

The holdings will pile up with Trump's influence in government and this will make the TRUMP dynasty the richest in the world.

This is how its done in Mexico and Latin America and whereby the top 2 dozen families in Mexico own 90% of the wealth. That's what the Trump presidency will look like!