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These are a few of ....

Good ol' Mark Twain.

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heres a tidbit. positivism hey? o0kay. see my siggy? its a ship. meant to be torpedoed.................yeah. it was made to receive detonations from torpedoes......................................... ............................and I shit you NOT! okay. take that for what it is. im telling the lot of you that the entire bunch has been fiercely indoctrinated by whichever schooling system they've gone to............. let that soak in.
Oddly enough it seems those that didn't attend college refer to our supposed "indoctrination" . Said "indoctrination" is popular in naysayer nation but unless one studied as a night school lawyer that's a rare occurence. Our "schooling system " aka "college " teaches one how to think as in "critical thinking skills" as opposed to what to think. In English Literature we studied the likes of Mark Twain , Whitman etc as a study in styles that influenced much of what is written and is read today. While it was Whitman that brought the venecular to poetry it was Mark Twain that wove the venecular into prose. Understanding these things allows one to gain a deeper understanding and a much broader interpretation when reading the writings of others. By extension the styles of reading manifest in part in our own writings. Writing is an art form just as the paintings of Picasso and other artists influence one another and appear as styles


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    Good morning Persia. Thanks for the comment. I do remember one instance of indoctrination that floored me then as it does now. I had a Business Law professer tell us that "govt spending is the key to economic prosperity". That's highly debated , considered erroneous by most economists and a highly biased statement. Its apparent the professer was not into trickle down economics since we are the government therefore "we" would pay the tab . His statement was rooted in the very simple question "what creates jobs"? Answer "demand".
    As for you what you do is a very noble thing in a very noble profession. One similarity in what you and I do is that we have to remove ourselves emotionally from the job function to function at the job. I've grown accostemed to keeping my head on during the times when everyone else is losing theirs. Oddly enough I enjoy that part as its when I'm the most useful and valued the most. Likewise I can see the same with you. Biggest difference is you face that situation frequently. I only face it in a big way a few times per year. As stated are in a very noble occupation. Thank you for what you do in helping others.