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These are a few of ....

incredible..proper diet , reuptake inhibitors. i feel 20 years old

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I love you Dawg and I appreciate you but thankfully you are not a Dr. Your focus is on two things. Meds and control. Youve made ONE mention about antiinflamatories but have shown zero interest in what's best for me and my quality of life. Sorry about the Baskin robbins but I'm a drive thru guy so I'm good. As for "detox "? Are you serious ? I believe that suggests you are the addiction panic flavor of the week ? Detox ? I can detox . Ive done it many times. I can even quit . I don't want to . Why you ask ? Because I'm not sacrificing my quality of life when I know as much or more about meds , anatomy and oh yeah gotta work that cause of addiction . Detox is only for symptoms and to amuse fans of cartoons like "intervention " until they are wheels up off the runway. Addiction is a term .
What's best for you cotton is that you don't kill yourself or destroy your internal organs. Feel better right this minute but in 2 years of that you're dead. Have you talked to a Dr about fixing your back? I know there must be something they can do to fix it rather than just masking the pain.
"But in 2 years of that you're dead " ? That's a broad and presumptuous statement lacking basis in fact . Scare tactics mean nothing to me. I was raised by two control freaks. I'm good in that game . I dont just float in the air thru life. I moniter my vitals and vital organs. . I'm fine . I'm going to be fine.