Download Politics Forum Rules

Posting Rules:

DLP is for ADULTS. People under 18 years of age aren't welcome.

I don't much care what people post or what their views are, but please post it in the correct section.

Don't post porn.

Don't post threats.

Don't post personally identifying info.

Don't post anything illegal.

Don't post links to streaming movies or sports events, streaming pay per view content of any kind, or anything even remotely like that.

And this is important - DON'T POST more than a very short section of any printed material. Like one (1, as in a single) paragraph.

Anyone who is just here to annoy (Based on my completely arbitrary definition of "annoy") will find their account restricted.

Gross out pics and that sort of thing leave me cold.

I think these are really reasonable things to ask..

It's a nice forum.. It's free to use. There's no ideological litmus tests and you don't have to be particularly PC in conducting yourself.

I think that's more than fair.