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Thread: John Kerry/Horse Face just admitted something we ALL KNEW, but..

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    Exclamation John Kerry/Horse Face just admitted something we ALL KNEW, but..

    We never guessed he would actually say it out loud. Let alone on the record.

    Hold on to your hat!!!!

    When President Putin came in, he came in partly to prop up Assad, but also because ISIL/Da'esh was gaining huge ground. The radical extremists were gaining huge ground against Assad, and Assad was in a very fragile position. And so together, Iran and Russia had to prop him up, and save him from the possibilities that the extremists might take over the country.

    And I will say, that was not something that we weren't also concerned about -- that there was a gaining foothold of al-Nusra, and Da'esh, in their ability to push towards Damascus. And the regime was on its heels. Did Putin make an enormous difference in that? Yes, along with Iran and Hezbollah and the entities that basically overwhelmed some of the forces available to the opposition.
    So.. Hero Vlad Putin saved Syria from falling to the head chopping, Sunni radicals!! With honorable mention to Hezbollah, and even Iran!


    And THAT is how incompetent our foreign policy has been. Thank goodness for Vladimir Putin and Russia!

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    But..But.. Jewmericunts were bombing empty lots, and dropping weapons to the wrong people fer Isrul, don't they get any credit for the destruction of Palmyra?
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