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Has everyone heard of the shiny, new youtube?
Why is there so much copyright infringement plagiarism... etc... people posting things they didn't make?

A lyrics video is lucky if it stays online... and it's double lucky if the music group like Sony or whatever allows it to keep its audio track.

Gamers upload videos all the time that aren't really fully legal because those videos are composed of game elements that they did not create... they simply turned on a screen recorder to make an avi.

Oh sure you can pepper your video with pop culture icons etc... and then put their references and/or homages in your text under the video or compose some text scroll.

Official vs unofficial... copyright police are everywhere.

Be careful what you upload. Did you make that? Does it have copyrighted, trademarked, stuff you didn't create? Then you should either mark out those elements or not upload that video at all.

Do you see me on live feeds playing video games once I learn the game so good that I can "show off" my skills? THAT'S BECAUSE I DID NOT GENERATE THE GAME FOOTAGE. Some studio full of game engine developers did. What right do I have to upload game footage that I didn't generate? Or music or sounds... etc...