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Thread: I dont feel sorry for them!

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    Smile I dont feel sorry for them!

    Investigators said Christian Peck had a duffle bag of marijuana when he stopped by the home for a visit Saturday evening.

    Carter was also visiting the home at the time.

    According to court records, when Carter found out about the drugs in Peck's possession he made several phones call in the backyard of the home.

    Investigators said, in one of the calls, Carter asked Johnson to come to the home.

    Within minutes of Johnson's arrival, he allegedly opened fire.
    The mudsharks survived!

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    Great muzac at the end of the vid
    Look half withI don't care where the oil comes from. I'm only interested in the Market. Specifically the Options because I don't want to take delivery on 10,000 bbls of oil.

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    You can go fuck yourself pigface.

    You've never said one thing to Taco Mike and his threats to send his NZ hitman boyfriend to kill me you fucking hypocrite shitbag whore faced fuck noodle!

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    Bey Bees Gud Boys, gnomesayin?
    Death Of Jesus on Wednesday-Three days in the grave-Rose from the grave Saturday evening BY Sunset!
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