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Thread: 3D stuff I make...

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    "All right, whatever happens, let's be professionals." ~ Dr. Peter Venkman

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    Quote Originally Posted by TommyB7973 View Post
    What that is is a bunch of polygons that have been adjusted/modified and merged in order to form what looks like an electronic switchbox with dials, buttons, and a display. I also put handles on the sides of it like they do on CNC machine control modules. The loops could be coils, could be wires, or they could be translucent/clear acrylic or glass tubes filled with some pulsating glowing gas for example, the square with inset could be a monitor or some sort of gauge display.

    It's part industrial design and part video game design. If you or someone else spent many hours and drank many pots of coffee working and designing the exterior of your spaceship possibly for a video game mod, then you could simply import this wavefront compatible .obj file and paste it on the interior walls. Many 3D programs will allow for .obj imports. Blender is one such progam. It is a feature-rich, high-functionality, open-source 3D program that I've been tinkering/dabbling with.

    I work on the geometry, anyone else can go in and drop colors (AKA textures/materials in 3D speak) to their liking.
    looked like the front of an old A/C window unit

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    Quote Originally Posted by BillyBob View Post
    What does it do?
    Makes tommy feel like he's not a cunt, aka, dream catcher.

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    "All right, whatever happens, let's be professionals." ~ Dr. Peter Venkman

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    Quote Originally Posted by TommyB7973 View Post

    Tommy is a time traveler searching for the future.

    He has no road map and he's lost.

    Please try to keep up, Tommy.

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    An underground home, perhaps from culvert pieces ...

    ... living area, garage and storage, shooting range-lap pool, exercise area, quiet room, obligatory man cave -- all concealed within the earth.
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    Skeeter Davis on the hi-fi ...

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    Various pop culture/from shapes & logos

    From Godzilla 2000

    From the Konami Contra Video Game

    From the Midway Games (Chicago) Mortal Kombat Video Game

    Isn't it cool how I had to be harassed, lied about, and put out of work over and over again all these years so I could be screwed out of hundreds of thousands of dollars in retirement investments?
    "All right, whatever happens, let's be professionals." ~ Dr. Peter Venkman

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    Reason I posted that is because I can make graphics whenever I want: illustration, 2-D, 3-D, whatever... and if I had never been treated stupid at work or anywhere else in the first place... either a bunch of jealous/envious/hateful corkblocking idiots... or by ignorant buffoons... then I would have not suffered job loss... and of course would therefore have plenty more investment monies already set up,... in addition to that, I wouldn't have suffered any form of benefit gaps/losses.

    Basically people should have straightened their own lives out... and left their greasy mits off'n mine.
    "All right, whatever happens, let's be professionals." ~ Dr. Peter Venkman

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    Holy shit. Out Run. Fucking memory lane, man.
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