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Thread: Boll & Branch Refund

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    Boll & Branch Refund

    Boll and Branch ,fair trade hustler operating in India and employing Hindus to loom bed sheets and Hindu farmers to grow cotton promises to refund your 250.00$ if you are not happy with these bed sheets. And Rush Limbaugh backs up this guarantee. Limbaugh puts his trustworthy name on this 30 day guarantee.
    Try Boll and Branch bed sheets for 30 nites and if you don't enjoy them or you don't think they're worth 250.00$ then you can mail them back at your own expense ,for a full refund.

    And for some reason Boll and Branch refuses to pay because you washed them the wrong way or for some other trivial reason Limbaugh will pay you the full price including the cost of shipping.

    Yeah Right!

    Here's a better solution.

    If after 30 nites you feel that Boll and Branch swindled you and cheated you out of your cash instead of getting angry and mailing them back for a possible refund . dare to be different.

    Donate the sheets to your local KKK Chapter

    And furthermore donate them in the name of the great Maharushie RUSH LIMBAUGH!

    Limbaugh still attends fund raising events for the local KKK in his hometown of Cape Girardeau MO.

    Do this and you will receive from Mr. Snerdley a stuffed Liberty time traveling talking horse and a thank you note signed by Snerdley..

    Sounds good to me!

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    So, did you try them?

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    Come on people ,this isn't rocket science.

    Can't any of you understand what Limbaugh has been doing to you for over 30 years>

    Are you that stupid.. Can't you understand the game the SOB has been playing with your minds if you have a mind.

    Look at what Limbaugh did to Ross Perot
    Can anyone deny what happened?
    Look at all the support Limbaugh gave on the air for the IRAQ War..

    Can you deny that?

    Look at what he did to Pat Buchanan.. Do you deny that?

    Look at the stabbing in the back of TED CRUZ ;do you deny that?

    Look at how he swindled the ditto heads with his 2 if by TEA sweepstakes ..Do you deny he engaged in illegal gambling activity on his 3hr. show?

    Look at how he almost killed his listeners all the years he was hawking the harmful ZICAM cold prevention remedy.

    Can you deny that?
    Limbaugh is a fraud a phony..Do not buy any of the products or services you hear advertised on hs rotten talk show.

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    You will not get a refund from Boll and Branch. it's a scam

    After folks call to find out what they need to do to get a refund for the garbage they spent 250.00 on ,they decide WHY BOTHER.
    Its not an unconditional no questions asked refund.

    That's why so few ever return the sheets.

    Limbaugh is a lying slut of a human being..

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    Limbaugh is a radio creation.

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