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Thread: Obama's accomplishments im 8 years?

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    don't care about collateral damage. they dont

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    Quote Originally Posted by jirqo adai View Post
    no. but he did kill a lot of terrorists.
    Then why is there still a democrat party?
    I am a loner. A destroyed woman. A woman destroyed by people... I have a choice - to kill myself or to kill others. I choose TO PAY BACK MY HATERS. It would be too easy to leave this world as an unknown suicide victim. Society is too indifferent, rightly so. My verdict is: I, Olga Hepnarová, the victim of your bestiality, sentence you to death.

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    I dint say he killed them all DLLS

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    Quote Originally Posted by DLLS View Post
    Then why is there still a democrat party?
    Same reason there's still a lot of terrorists. They keep coming and coming...

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    Quote Originally Posted by PTA View Post
    Yeah, no accomplishments in EIGHT YEARS.

    What a joke.
    Like flash mob niggers that have looted and trashed an upscale department store in short order, Obama has likewise looted and trashed the government and the country. The best you can say about him is that he has created real jobs for years to come for Congress in cleaning up after him.
    The Nigger Football League should donate 3/4 of their bloated salaries to feed "dey bros" or get the fuck out of the country. Instead, the Nigger Football League is politicking for communism -- they want to steal your laws and your money from you to pay for the abject decay they bring about. Niggers niggering America.
    Free America, Obama and the rest of you rotten thieving niggers.

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