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Thread: Texas high school opens Muslim prayer room. Jew ACLU kept Christian prayer OUT!

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    Texas high school opens Muslim prayer room. Jew ACLU kept Christian prayer OUT!

    Texas high school opens Muslim prayer room. This is after the ACLU fought to keep Christian prayer OUT!
    For decades the ACLU and allied groups fought to get Christian prayer out of American public schools. They were successful. But now prayer is coming back into the schools, and as long as it’s Islamic prayer, it seems to be fine with everyone. This does, however, reinforce the principle of Sharia that Muslims have rights and privileges to which non-Muslims are not entitled...

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    The stench of hypocracy hangs over the whole of ZOG world.
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    A.C.L.U.- Anti-Christ Litigation Unit.
    When politicians are allowed to break the law, then there isn't any law - just a fight for survival.

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    The Fountainhead (Part 4, Chapter 14, Page 637)

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    That's creeping Islam...a little bit at a time.

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