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Thread: Former top cops want 'white market' in illicit drugs

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    In 1969 child pornography was neither legal or illegal to sell in Denmark and only died out in 1979 in sex shops because it was not commercially viable. With the transgender kids epidemic we could see child pornography fall in the 'neither legal or illegal' category, and why not?
    You have the likes of the Greens and other 'progressive' parties constantly looking to lower the age of consent, you have preteens making public statements about their own sexuality and usually with the support of their parents.
    We dont have a society anymore..... we have a caste system and this is what identity politics is about.
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    [B]The Australia21 report has the backing of former police commissioners and assistant commissioners, two former heads of Corrective Services, a former Supreme Court Judge and a former Director of Public Prosecutions.

    Australia is a serfdom
    What a great title, Australia21 -- all progressive and forward looking into your future. Hopeful and warm and fuzzy. I like it.

    Innovative intrepreneurs of government because we are free.

    Do it!

    Just not the kiddie porn.

    Or the drugs part.
    The Nigger Football League should donate 3/4 of their bloated salaries to feed "dey bros" or get the fuck out of the country. Instead, the Nigger Football League is politicking for communism -- they want to steal your laws and your money from you to pay for the abject decay they bring about. Niggers niggering America.
    Free America, Obama and the rest of you rotten thieving niggers.

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