Jews steal money in Peru too:

EfraŪn Goldenberg Schreiber, or "EfraŪm," served as Peru's finance minister, foreign relations minister, and prime minister in the 1990s.[1] (...) EfraŪn Goldenberg was born on December 29, 1929, in Lima, Peru, to German Jewish immigrants to Peru. (...) At the end of Fujimori's dictatorship he was accused of Illicit Enrichment for the sum of 100000000 (One Hundred Million Euros). Among his accusations are: Illicit Enrichment, Aggravated Embezzlement, Illicit Association for the Commission of Crimes, Material Falsehood and Ideological Falsehood damaging the Country. He escaped to the US in order to escape from justice.

We are told that these pictures are "antisemitic" caricatures, but what do you think, folks? How should we portray people who steal enormous sums of money in virtually every country they inhabit?