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Thread: Montrealís first jewish mayor convicted of fraud and corruption

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unbidden Wrath View Post
    Including the ones who aren't Jewish?
    Jews are clearly overrepresented in these kinds of crimes (fraud, embezzlement), and if they're exposed, they can just flee to Pissrael and live a comfortable life there with their ill-gotten gains. (I've posted examples of this here on DLP). So yeah, this is definitely a jewish issue.

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    Two Israelis and an American busted in largest-ever heist of customersí bank data

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    Sheldon "Shelly" Silver (born February 13, 1944) is a former lawyer and Democratic Party politician from New York City, who rose to become the powerful Speaker of the New York State Assembly in 1994 until his arrest on federal corruption charges in 2015. (Ö) An Orthodox Jew whose parents were Russian immigrants (Ö) On May 3, 2016, federal judge Valerie E. Caproni of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York sentenced Silver to 12 years in jail, and ordered him to pay $5.3 million in ill-gotten gains and $1.75 million in additional fines. Silver received two prison terms: 12 years for six criminal counts against him and 10 years on the seventh, to run concurrently.

    This case is a great example of Jews working as a collective to extort money from gentiles. The Jew Silver used his power as Assembly Speaker to direct government grants totaling $500,000 to a Jewish doctor named Taub. In return, the Jewish doctor Taub directed patients (mainly gentiles) to a Jewish law firm, Weitz & Luxenberg. The Jewish law firm Weitz & Luxenberg took money from the gentiles and sent $4,000,000 of it back to the Jew Silver. You couldnít make this stuff up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exposing_The_Hate_Tribe View Post
    Jews are clearly overrepresented in these kinds of crimes (fraud, embezzlement), and if they're exposed, they can just flee to Pissrael and live a comfortable life there with their ill-gotten gains. (I've posted examples of this here on DLP). So yeah, this is definitely a jewish issue.
    Oh, most definitely.
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    An example from Moldova:

    Ilan Shor was born in Tel Aviv, Israel on 6 March 1987, the son of Miron Shor and his wife, Moldovan Jews from Chișinău who had moved to Israel in the late 1970s.[3]
    Ilan Shor and his group of companies benefited from the fraudulent transactions conducted at the three banks involved in the Moldovan bank fraud scandal. On November 26, 2014 the banks went bankrupt and were later placed under special administration of the National Bank of Moldova. On 27 November, the Moldovan Government, headed by Prime Minister Iurie Leancă, secretly decided to bail out the three banks with $870 million in emergency loans, covered from state reserves. This created a deficit in Moldovan public finances equivalent to an eighth of the country's GDP.
    In the week preceding the 2014 Moldovan parliamentary elections, more than $750 million were extracted from the three banks between 24 and 26 November. A van belonging to Klassica Force, a company owned by Shor, while transporting 12 sacks of bank files, was stolen and burned on November 27.[6] Records of many transactions were deleted from the banks' computers.[7]
    Despite this, he was allowed to register for electoral race for the mayor of city of Orhei, a contest in which he was successful at the June 14 local government election.[4][9][10]

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    Here's a news story about a typical kike-ropractor:

    Couple on welfare had $1.2M house, traveled globe

    A Seattle chiropractor and his wife live in a $1.2 million waterfront home and have spent the past eight years flying to Moscow, Paris, Israel, Turkey, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. All the while, federal authorities say, the couple was collecting more than $100,000 in public welfare payments. Now, the U.S. attorney's office is suing David Silverstein and Lyudmila Shimonova, accusing them of filing false claims and demanding that the couple pay back more than $135,000 in federal housing assistance since 2003. Prosecutors are also seeking tens of thousands of dollars in fines.

    David Silverstein. "Trust me."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exposing_The_Hate_Tribe View Post
    David Silverstein. "Trust me."

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    Elderly NJ Doctor Sentenced for Role in $200M Fraud Scheme

    An elderly doctor convicted of accepting kickbacks as part of a long-running, $200 million bribes-for-test-referrals scheme run by a blood testing lab is now headed to prison. Federal prosecutors say Bernard Greenspan, of River Edge, received a 41-month sentence Tuesday. The 79-year-old family doctor also must forfeit $203,693.

    Bernard Greenspan. "Trust me."

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    Sir Philip Nigel Ross Green (born 15 March 1952) is a British businessman, (Ö) In October 2016, the House of Commons approved a measure to ask the Honours Forfeiture Committee to strip Green of his knighthood for his role in the downfall of BHS.[4] (Ö) a middle-class Jewish family.[6] (Ö) Green bought BHS for £200m in 2000, but the firm performed poorly so he sold it for just £1 in 2015. By April 2016 BHS had debts of £1.3bn, including a pensions deficit of £571m.[48] Despite the deficit of £571m, Green and his family collected £586m in dividends, rental payments and interest on loans (Ö) "In this situation it appears this owner extracted hundreds of millions of pounds from the business and walked away to his favourite tax haven, leaving the Pension Protection Scheme to pick up the bill."[49]

    "Sir" Philip Green. "Trust me."

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    Amazing how the jews caught stealing and conning all have got that rat face.
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