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Thread: Ivanka Trump secretly met with Planned Parenthood boss

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mossfern View Post
    If there's contraception available then the gene pool doesn't come into it, doe it?
    Those who should use contraception are too lazy to do so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lummy View Post
    Does DNA from transplanted organs migrate into the DNA pool of the recipent? I read here on DLP that male DNA from sex can be found in the brains of the female partners, or something like that. If that's true, then transplants would seem to dilute (poison) the genetic integrity or purity of the recipient.

    In the case of PP organ industry, that would doom the organ recipients to -- dare I say -- hell, or at least genetic degradation.
    DNA cannot be expunged from the body, this is why HIV will never be cured and why coalburners have stupid kids

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mossfern View Post
    What is immoral about sex?

    I especially hate how it's so widespread and everyone seems to do it, yet for others, it's the most elusive thing in the world.

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    why is it elusive for you? do you have some type of deformity?

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