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Thread: Former POTUS sets internet ablaze, becomes Instagram husband on super yacht

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoGo View Post
    Lol I love the 20 guages, especially that pump action. Fun fun and the 22's are always fun, too.

    Sometimes I pretend I'm Sarah Conner. Lol lol lol
    we love to setup the cans/bottles and crank the music and start the grill and be all rednecky

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    Quote Originally Posted by jirqo adai View Post
    you cant use a 30-30 in Mossland. a 22 mag prolly
    Gun laws?
    Quote Originally Posted by lala View Post
    we love to setup the cans/bottles and crank the music and start the grill and be all rednecky
    Rednecky! Love it!

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    if I was Moss, id use a cross bow and some file draw divider rods.

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    but Moss has this issue with deer. so if she wants to rid them off her yard, she will get an adapter for 22mag, put it in her shotgun, and shoot a few deer.

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    I almost took off my thumb with a cross bow once. Ouch! Dumb shit rookie move.

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    you can make a Lao type crossbow. its in one of the backwoodsman magazines. gets you about 65 feet.

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    I see the jews have segregated the blacks to the upper uncovered deck. Jews brought all the blacks out of Africa, and use them as house pets and attack dogs against the whites of the world.
    Death Of Jesus on Wednesday-Three days in the grave-Rose from the grave Saturday evening BY Sunset!
    Year-Vernal Equinox-Astronomical New Moon-Conjunction-First evening of visible crescent- Date of the first of Nisan-14th day of Nisan (Passover)

    28 A.D.- Mon. Mar. 22, noon- Tues. Apr. 13, 2 p.m.- Wed. Apr. 14- Thurs. Apr.15- Wed. Apr. 28

    Luke 16:31 And he said unto him, If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead.

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    I thought being on ships reminded niggers of slavery.
    Hello you've reached the city morgue where our motto is, "You kill 'em we chill 'em"

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