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Thread: I would like to reiterate, Do Not Post Personal Info..

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    Quote Originally Posted by DLLS View Post
    No persona info? Then what is the explanation for all the threads soliciting height, weight, bust size and tit pics?

    Incidentally if any DLP lady would like to provide me with a photo of themselves (completely clothed is o.k.) I can be reached via the PM system.

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    "No one in this room wants to breathe the same air as anyone else."

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    my father was a gambler down in Georgia.
    he wound up on the wrong side of a gun,
    and i was born in the back seat of a, greyhound bus,
    rolling down highway 81.
    I captain no ship. like Hiawatha, I come from the shores of Gitche Manito. by myself. however, I at times find myself cleaning up the mess puissant and others make.

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