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Thread: Globalist jew-lackey Macron wants to punish Eastern Europe for not wanting rapeugees

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exposing_The_Hate_Tribe View Post
    ‘Political rape’: Hungary and Slovakia stand against EU migrant quotas

    Marseille attack: Two young women stabbed to death

    Two young women have been stabbed to death at Marseille's main train station in a suspected terrorist attack. Soldiers on guard at the station shot dead the attacker, who police described as of North African appearance and aged about 30. Witnesses said he shouted "Allahu akbar" (God is greatest).

    And these are the people that the globalist jew-lackey Macron wants Eastern European countries to import.

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    France's Macron tumbles from his self-styled 'Jupiter-like' eminence: Don Murray

    Yelling, 'I am the boss!' and spending $40,000 on makeup, president is creating his own troubles (…) Macron came to office after just two years as a cabinet minister saying he wanted to be a "Jupiter-like" president, directing affairs from on high like the king of the ancient Roman gods, disdaining day-to-day questions and untrustworthy journalists.

    Despicable jew-lackey Macron with despicable jew-lackey Hagela Merkel (although many people say that the latter is actually a crypto-jewess).

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    60,000 participate in Polish nationalist march amid shouts of ‘Jews out’

    Far-right marchers shouted “Jews out” and other racist slogans at Independence Day events in Poland, drawing condemnation from Jewish groups. At the March of Independence in Warsaw on Saturday, participants held signs with racist slogans, including “White Europe, Europe must be white.” Some shouted “Sieg Heil” and “Remove Jewry from power.” (...) Police estimated that 60,000 people participated in the annual march, which is organized by nationalist groups and marked 99 years of Polish independence. A small minority of the marchers came from outside of Poland. (...) Poland’s interior minister expressed pride in the event.

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