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Thread: Globalist jew-lackey Macron wants to punish Eastern Europe for not wanting rapeugees

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    Globalist jew-lackey Macron wants to punish Eastern Europe for not wanting rapeugees

    The globalist jew-lackey Emmanuel Macron, who is expected to become France's next president, wants to punish Poland and Hungary for opposing the jewish agenda (like refusing to accept rapists from the Middle East and wanting to close down crap universities funded by evil, subversive jew globalists like George Soros):

    French would-be president Macron says would seek Poland sanctions

    "You cannot have a European Union which argues over every single decimal place on the issue of budgets with each country, and which, when you have an EU member which acts like Poland or Hungary on issues linked to universities and learning, or refugees, or fundamental values, decides to do nothing." Poland has come under fire for instance for refusing to host refugees under an EU-wide plan to alleviate the pressure on countries like Greece and Italy who have borne the brunt of arrivals.

    Yes, Macron is definitely the jews' candidate.

    What Macron’s Victory Says About French Jews

    The vast majority of French Jews are celebrating Emmanuel Macron’s first-round victory in the presidential runoff. He is a globalist with a social conscience, a convinced European who will not lock France into a populist straightjacket. French Jews, like most of their compatriots. feared the possible presence of two other candidates in the second round: Jean-Luc Mélenchon of the extreme left pitted against Marine Le Pen of the extreme right. But to assume that such a Jewish fear stemmed from the former’s highly critical stance against Israel and the latter’s inability to shed the ghosts of the Vichy past is to misunderstand the current French political situation.

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    Jews are desperately trying to destroy Eastern Europe by swamping it with rapeugees from the Middle East, just like they've done in Western Europe. The rich jew known as "Lord" Weidenfeld is even paying to have Syrians flown to Poland:

    And in Times of Israel we find out that Israel didn't want these people:

    Sources close to the operation said there was some discussion about bringing the refugees into Israel first, a plan which was rejected for reasons of safety and security.

    As usual, European countries have to accept Middle Eastern immigrants while Israel gets to reject them - "for reasons of safety and security". Does that make sense, folks?

    "Lord" Weidenfeld. "Trust me."

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    Good gawd. Save us from the Jews! You're doing nothing by posting this shit. We've already seen it. Now about 8x. Or more. Thx.

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    Of course, Eastern Europeans don't want Middle Eastern "refugees" in their countries. (And if you want to know why, just look at Sweden's rape epidemic and unprecedented wave of hand grenade attacks by Middle Eastern immigrant gangs.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by lala View Post
    Good gawd. Save us from the Jews! You're doing nothing by posting this shit. We've already seen it. Now about 8x. Or more. Thx.
    WTF have you done, you petulant cunt?

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    Quote Originally Posted by zach roy ought View Post
    WTF have you done, you petulant cunt?
    Why do you ask, petulant cunt jebe?

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    The Jewery says French will have two new jews at the palace as the other two jews leave.
    Death Of Jesus on Wednesday-Three days in the grave-Rose from the grave Saturday evening BY Sunset!
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    28 A.D.- Mon. Mar. 22, noon- Tues. Apr. 13, 2 p.m.- Wed. Apr. 14- Thurs. Apr.15- Wed. Apr. 28

    Luke 16:31 And he said unto him, If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead.

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    Emmanuel Macron is one of the clumsiest and most obvious examples of false opposition that I've ever seen in mainstream politics. Just when the French people finally realized that the left and the pseudo-right are two sides of the same shekel and were getting ready to vote for the nationalist party Front National, the globalist jews appear with a "new" and "fresh" alternative – the "outsider" Macron who's the right man to fix the broken system.

    Yeah, just ignore the fact that this anti-French turd was an investment banker for the rotten jewish Rothschild family, and that he served in leftist president Hollande's government.

    Quote Originally Posted by Philadelphian View Post
    The Jewery says French will have two new jews at the palace as the other two jews leave.
    Macron is obviously an anti-French globalist who follows the jewish agenda, but is he a jew? I haven't seen any proof of that, and the British newspaper The Telegraph even emphasizes that he's not a jew:

    Emmanuel Macron files legal complaint over 'anti-Semitic' caricature from rival François Fillon's camp

    Emmanuel Macron, the current to frontrunner in France's presidential race, will file a legal complaint against conservative rival François Fillon's party after it tweeted an image of the centrist ex-banker with a hooked nose, wearing a top hat and carrying a red sickle to cut a cigar. The image resembled anti-Semitic propaganda from World War Two when France's Vichy government collaborated with the Nazis and their deportation and extermination of Jews. Mr Macron, 39, is not Jewish but the cartoon appeared to refer to his past as a Rothschild investment banker.

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    Brigitte Bardot: ‘You Can See Macron’s Lack of Empathy in His Cold, Steel Eyes’

    The French film icon Brigitte Bardot has urged her fellow countrymen not to vote for Emmanuel Macron in France’s presidential election on Sunday, saying you can see his lack of compassion in “the coldness of his steel eyes”. (…) One of the best-known sex symbols of the 1950s and 1960s, Bardot came out as a supporter of populist candidate Marine Le Pen at the beginning of the year.

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    By the way, folks: if globalist jew-lackey Macron wins the election, then this will be his official thread, so if you have any comments about France's new president, the election or French politics in general, post them here.

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