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Thread: Their religion is BS: Climate changers just will not shut up.

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    Their religion is BS: Climate changers just will not shut up.

    The San Framento axis can shut up and quit whining.
    Oh no they can't.

    Just 5 percent of the United States is experiencing drought conditions, the lowest level of drought here since government scientific agencies began updating the U.S. Drought Monitor on a weekly basis in 2000.
    Record rain and snowfall over the winter on the West Coast and heavy spring rains in the Midwest have alleviated some of the worst and longest-lasting drought conditions ever recorded.
    That parching, years-long drought came after another rainy period, in 2010, when just 8 percent of the U.S. experienced drought conditions. The boom-and-bust cycle is likely caused by climate change that creates more extreme weather patterns, scientists say.
    Who ruined science?

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    Pop opinion and liberal politics masquerading as religion.


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