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Thread: Prosecutor says globalist jew demon Soros is working with human traffickers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exposing_The_Hate_Tribe View Post

    Now do you understand why the jewish media hate Roy Moore so much?
    Jews even tried to smear Roy Moore and his wife by playing the "antisemitic" card:

    Roy Moore’s wife on anti-Semitism charge: ‘One of our attorneys is a Jew’

    Kayla Moore also did not make clear what she was referring to when she said the media portrayed her and her husband as not caring for Jews, but the candidate came under fire last week for attacking the liberal billionaire philanthropist and hedge fund manager George Soros, suggesting that he was headed for hell because he did not accept God’s salvation. Soros is Jewish.

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    Italian media reported today that a Moroccan man living in Genoa, Nabil Benhamir, has been arrested for being "an important ISIS representative" (un esponente di rilievo dell'Is) whose job is to recruit terrorists and teach them how to make bombs and carry out deadly attacks.

    Benhamir is a good example of the kind of third worlders that the jewish globalist Soros's "humanitarian" organizations bring to Europe.

    Terrorismo, arrestato a Genova estremista pronto a immolarsi per l'Isis

    Il gip del tribunale di Genova Nadia Magrini ha emesso una ordinanza di custodia in carcere per Nabil Benhamir, marocchino di 29 anni. Secondo l'accusa, Benhamir sarebbe un "esponente di rilievo" dell'Is ritornato in Europa "con l'obiettivo di addestrare altri membri dello Stato Islamico alla fabbricazione e all'utilizzo di esplosivi".

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    In 2017 the Italian authorities expelled 105 immigrants who were suspected of being jihadists, and another 36 were arrested:

    Sicurezza, il Viminale: nel 2017 -34% sbarchi, più espulsi per terrorismo

    Per quanto riguarda il terrorismo internazionale, le espulsioni per motivi di sicurezza sono state 105 quest’anno (di cui 5 imam); nel 2016 erano state 66 (8 gli imam espulsi)con una variazione percentuale del +62%. Gli estremisti arrestati per motivi religiosi, in operazioni effettuate dalle forze dell’ordine, sono stati 36, +9% rispetto al 2016 quando erano stati 33.

    And those are just the terrorists. Italy also has countless "normal" Middle Eastern and African criminals, like burglars, drug dealers, rapists and murderers, and I often read about their vicious crimes in Italian newspapers.

    Yes, folks, these are the people that the evil, anti-Western globalist jew demon Soros's "humanitarian" organizations bring to Europe. And the jewish DLP member Mossfart defends him. Absolutely disgraceful.

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    Attilio Fontana, who is running for governor in Lombardy, which is Italy's richest region, made the following surprisingly honest statement about the third world savages that anti-Western jew globalists like George Soros are flooding Europe with:

    "We can't (accept all) because we all don't fit, thus we must make choices," Fontana said. "We must decide if our ethnicity, if our white race, if our society must continue to exist or if it must be cancelled out."

    Fontana is backed by Italy's biggest right-wing parties, including Forza Italia, which is headed by the former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi. Fontana's opponents are now calling for him to drop out of the gubernatorial race, and jews are attacking him by calling him ignorant and saying that the white race doesn't exist:

    "It's inconceivable that in 2018 one must repeat to ignorant ones that there doesn't exist a white race to defend, 80 years after the promulgation of the racial laws," Ruth Dureghello, president of Rome's Jewish community, said in a tweet.

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    That's right, folks. A leader of Italy's jewish community actually said that the white race doesn't exist. And the jewish DLP member Mossfart – who defends her fellow tribesman Soros, by the way – puts white in quotation marks when she writes about white people.

    Are you starting to get it, folks? Are you starting to realize how much jews hate their Western host population?

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    Matteo Salvini, who is the leader of Fontana's party, and its candidate for prime minister, defended Fontana by saying that the Islamization of Italy must be stopped, and he called attention to the many serious crimes that third-world immigrants commit against Italians. It's good to see that Salvini refuses to back down from the anti-Italian, anti-Western, jew-controlled media and jewish lobby groups.

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    The evil jew Pierre Moscovici, who is the European Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs, Taxation and Customs, attacked Fontana by calling his statement scandalous, and he said that "racist" parties should be combatted. You can read about it in the following thread:

    Jewish EU bigwig tries to influence Italian election

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    The Italian authorities have jailed yet another Muslim terrorist who lives in their country. Sayed Fayek Shebl Ahmed, a 51-year-old Egyptian jihadist who fought for al-Qaeda in Bosnia, was arrested a couple of days ago for convincing his 23-year-old son to go to Syria and join the evil, bloodthirsty, jew-backed terrorists who are raping, torturing and murdering the Syrian population:

    Terrorismo, a Como una famiglia di foreign fighter. Arrestato il padre, il figlio ancora in Siria

    La Digos della Questura di Milano, con la Digos di Como, ha arrestato per associazione con finalità di terrorismo due egiziani di 51 e 23 anni, padre e figlio, residenti in provincia di Como. Il padre aveva combattuto per al-Quaeda come mujaheddin in Bosnia, il figlio è invece attualmente foreign fighter in Siria, ma "ci sono ragionevoli motivi perché possa tornare in Italia o in Europa".

    These are the people that the evil jew globalist Soros brings to Europe.

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    The British newspaper The Guardian has published a new article about the third world "refugees" that the evil jew globalist Soros brings to Italy:

    Interpol circulates list of suspected Isis fighters believed to be in Italy

    Interpol has circulated a list of 50 suspected Islamic State fighters who it believes have recently landed in Italy by boat, and may be attempting to reach other European countries. (...) Every year, Italy spends about 3.5m euros on repatriations to Tunisia, but authorities struggle to send arrivals home within seven days. As a result, many stay in repatriation centres for months, and often flee north. In December 2016, 24-year-old Tunisian Anis Amri killed 12 people and injured 56 more when he drove a lorry into the crowds at a Christmas market in Berlin. Five years earlier Amri had paid for an illegal boat journey to Europe, arriving first on the Italian island of Lampedusa.

    And how does Soros feel about this? Let's ask him:

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