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Thread: Israeli diplomat caught on camera plotting to 'take down' British MPs

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    Some British politicians, like George Galloway and Paul Flynn, warned their people about this nefarious jewish influence in the UK many years ago:

    George Galloway (born 16 August 1954) is a British politician, writer, and broadcaster, and the Respect Party Member of Parliament (MP) for Bradford West. (…) On 27 November 2012, Galloway branded Zionism "a blasphemy against Judaism and against God", again praised Hamas and repudiated Israel. This call was made during an anti-Israel demonstration in his new constituency, at which Galloway said: "We do not hate Jews. We hate Zionism, we hate Israel, we hate murder and injustice. Israel blasphemes against the Torah by calling itself a Jewish state." This was followed by a call for the outlawing of dual British-Israeli citizenship.

    Paul Flynn MP in 'anti-Semitic' remark row

    Newport West MP Paul Flynn has been accused of making anti-Semitic remarks after questioning whether the British ambassador to Israel should be Jewish. (…) He had suggested that Matthew Gould, Britain's first Jewish ambassador to Israel, had "divided loyalties".

    They were accused of "antisemitism", but now we know that they were right. (Actually, I have known that for a very long time.)

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    Pissrael has stabbed many friendly countries in the back, including Ireland:

    Forged passport inquiry urges expulsion of Israeli

    TOP OFFICIALS from several Government departments and the Garda have recommended the expulsion of an Israeli embassy security officer after concluding that Israel forged Irish passports used by suspects in the murder of a Hamas official in Dubai.

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    Where's the current events unfolding in Poland, Germany, all of Europe instead of this shit? The marches, protests, etc.? Wtf...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exposing_The_Hate_Tribe View Post
    Pissrael also stabbed Australia in the back:

    This really is unbelievable, folks. But yeah, let's ignore this and focus on the imaginary threat from Russia that the "Western" (read: jewish) media are so kindly warning us about.
    Unfortunately, the Australian government doesn’t care about Pissrael's outrageous behavior and crimes:

    Australia Reaffirms Ties To Israel As Netanyahu Wraps Up Historic Visit

    Disgraceful, but hardly surprising. It just shows the influence that Pissrael and the jewish lobby have in the West.

    Quote Originally Posted by lala View Post
    Where's the current events unfolding in Poland, Germany, all of Europe instead of this shit? The marches, protests, etc.? Wtf...
    I have written about that too. Here are a couple of threads:

    Globalist jew-lackey Macron wants to punish Eastern Europe for not wanting rapeugees

    Prosecutor says globalist jew demon Soros is working with human traffickers

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    Here's an interesting article from Al Jazeera about the case:

    UK committee to investigate Israeli embassy scandal

    A committee of UK parliamentarians plans to investigate a scandal surrounding an Israeli diplomat who was caught promising to "take down" Britain's foreign office minister in an Al Jazeera investigation. The parliament's Foreign Affairs Select Committee intends to examine evidence that the Israeli embassy in London, through senior political officer Shai Masot, attempted to interfere in British politics in order to shape the country's policy towards Israel-Palestine

    Of course, the British government has always known about the nefarious jewish influence in UK politics, but I guess they have to say something now that this revealing documentary has been aired.

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    Masot, a senior political officer at the Israeli embassy, plotted to 'take down' a UK politician [Al Jazeera]

    Shai Masot. "Trust me."

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    The recent Priti Patel scandal is another example of how jewed Britain's rotten government is:

    UK minister Priti Patel resigns over secret Israel trip

    UK government minister Priti Patel resigned Wednesday amid a political storm over her undisclosed meetings with Israeli officials. The UK secretary of state for international development was summoned back from Kenya by Prime Minister Theresa May after it was revealed she met senior Israeli officials during a family holiday in the summer, a significant breach of diplomatic protocol.

    Exclusive: No 10 knew about Patel meetings

    Number 10 instructed Development Secretary Priti Patel not to include her meeting with the Israel foreign ministry official Yuval Rotem in New York on 18 September in her list of undisclosed meetings with Israelis which was published on Monday, the JC has learned.

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    Patel fallout 'will set us back 20 years'

    Communal representatives and pro-Israel activists believe the affair will bolster antisemitic conspiracy theories and damage relationships with British politicians for a generation.

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