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Thread: Limbaugh. TEXAS SUCKER FOOD!

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    Consider the fucking industry. It's radio in the 21st century. How much does a podcast cost in comparison, and more than that, why are you fucking listening?

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    Limbaugh has been taking advantage of his audience for about 35 years.

    The sad truth is that the GOP and the Dems are apparently unable to see how he's playing off one party against the other.

    The GOP sees him as someone to Irritate the left while the DEMS think they are using him as a foil to beat the GOP over the head with.

    Limbaugh is simply doing more harm to this country than anyone can imagine and things will be made worse as time goes on.

    The political violence we are now seeing is just the tip of the iceberg . Limbaugh has made a huge fortune dealing in hateful rhetoric ..dividing all racial and economic groups just for the sake of ratings.

    There are quite a few Hispanics and Mexicans who are sick of his insults and they intend to do something about it.

    Blacks are also ready to act out against Limbaugh. The hatred he spews out daily is the root cause of the violence in society today.. Limbaugh contributes to it everyday he's on the air.

    I know a few cops well enough to carry on a conversation and they hate Limbaugh because they feel he eggs on Blacks to where they become violent and attack them on the streets.

    Limbaugh is a hateful scumbag and only when he feels there's something to be gained by promoting a politico or a policy will he develop a belief .

    This is how he became rich pushing the WMDs scam which cost so much in American blood. Limbaugh get the hell off the air ,you rotten scum..

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    well , I will try to check into that , but unless I find some new info I will continue to fund his show ,
    ​Im'a goin south , way down , appalachicola way

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    Quote Originally Posted by zach roy ought View Post
    Consider the fucking industry. It's radio in the 21st century. How much does a podcast cost in comparison, and more than that, why are you fucking listening?
    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.Soxes View Post
    Enouff sayud.

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    Limbaugh conveniently jumps into his private jet and goes away to golf in Hawaii while he claims to be an anti leftist ;he never tells you about the leftist scum he plays golf with does he?
    Limbaugh laughs while AMERICA DROWNS IN CLIMATE CHANGE FLOODING and the scumbag chuckles up his sleeve claiming its all a hoax!

    What incredible stupidity of the people to believe this bag of excrement!

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    As you all see and hear happening on Limbaugh's radio show; he is slowly dealing more with Football, the NFL, I phone usage. reviewing novels and cinema etc.

    Limbaugh wants to exit the talk show business as a social commentator rather than the mean spirited war monger and political prostitute he's always been.

    Once his career ends he will retreat back into his seaside mansion ,laughing himself sick over how he cheated swindled and pretended he was America's great conservative anchorman. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE SO INCREDIBLY STUPID THEY WILL NEVER TRULY UNDERSTAND HOW LIMBAUGH CHEATED THEM AND TRICKED THEM.

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