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Thread: I have a theory on why niggers are so stupid

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    I have a theory on why niggers are so stupid

    This is a post someone made on another site that I thought to be quite funny and insightful, so I thought I would share it.

    I have a theory on why niggers are so stupid:

    - They were born that way and will always be that way -

    First, have you noticed that people cringe at the idea of an "inferior" race? You know, "all men are created equal"....

    I feel we must consider the dog. Dogs are all dogs. But is it safe to say that some dog species are more intelligent than others? I have not researched it, but I have heard numerous times about how the Jack Russel is the "smartest" dog. How can that be? I thought dogs were dogs alike?

    If dogs can have different levels of intelligence and humans are animals, then couldn't it be possible that humans have different levels of intelligence based on the different species?

    Just take a look at who runs the world. It is so fucking funny when niggers say that they fought and won their rights n' shit. What they REALLY mean, is that the White Man ALLOWED you rights. You didn't WIN shit! We will never have a nigger president. Obama is less nigger than he is satan, so that won't count.

    Another thing that baffles me about niggers that I have NEVER seen in any other culture is the emphasis on digression. I mean, WTF is ebonics? My college English professor once told me that "language is the expression of the mind." So if all you ever say is "shit! mufucka, shit! cracka-ass-cracka!", then it is a clear expression of mind. Is there a nigger alive who can say the word "ask"? Probably not because that would signal enunciation which is an enemy of the niggers. Those blacks who can speak articulately using proper English sentence structure get shunned by their own people. Fuck them. They know English, so they had to go out of their way to fuck it up into it's ebonic form.

    You put a monkey in a suit and name him..say...P.Diddy, now you have a rich monkey in a suit. Can mike tyson say anything else besides "I di-int axth ta be a criminao"? What about jesse jackson and al sharpton? THESE are the two guys that rose above the ranks to lead these fuckers? This is it!? This is the best niggers have? GO THE FUCK HOME!

    Even if they don't think that they've had infinitely more educational opportunities than anyone else in this country, one STILL has to have the innate desire to pursue academia in order for opportunities to succeed. But they don't do that. Unless you consider a communications major to be anything credible. Especially since communication seems to be the most difficult facet for them only 2nd to acting civilized.

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    i read this at fuckfrance as well. it's a good read. a lot of truth and common sense here.

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    MRI's have shown their brains are smaller.
    "who cares what games we choose . Little to win and nothing to lose"

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    I think it's because they evolved from poop....

    Some old things are lovely..
    Warm still with the life of forgotten men who made them.

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    Many niggers are more able-bodied than whites, but a lot dumber. Why else would we have chosen them as slaves? Niggers were meant to serve whites, not co-exist equally with them. And they weren't meant to be intelligent. That's why our schools are failing-- they are too busy trying to get niggers to learn, they leave the more intellectual white race behind. If you ask me, niggers had it a lot better when they were still slaves. They knew their place, we fed them, housed them, got them to work and whipped them when they got the least bit belligerent. Nowadays, niggers are spoiled rotten, but are all dead inside. They don't work, so that urge to engage in physical activity comes out in the form of attacking white people and playing niggerball.

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    Black Folk are catching on

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    Metaphysical angle.........................

    Lets say that niggers are the children of Lilith (Im not the only one to put this forward) and regardless of who the father is, the known fact is that Lilith did not eat of the tree (Tree of Life and its sephira 'fruit') and this would be an explanation as to why niggers do not know the difference between good and evil or anything else for that matter.
    Just like gullible marxists, you are dealing with creatures who have no concept of consequences. AIDS is epidemic in niggers but the no.1 priority is 'muh dik - no rubbah'

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    i will now tell all of you why they are generaly stupid as shit. and i saw this with my very own eyes. most nigger moms jokingly call their sons " my little dummy ". and i shit you not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by submiturass View Post
    Black Folk are catching on
    You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality

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    He's too cute to be a nigger.

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