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Thread: Charlottesville Live Stream

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    3 fatalities. Plane?! Or protesters?

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    "We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides, on many sides," Trump said
    He's blaming the left, as he should. Why should he mourn the death of 3 pigressives who probably hated him? LOL
    "I think one man is just as good as long as hes honest and decent and not a nigger or a Chinaman." - Harry Truman

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jhoffa_X View Post
    Some people are linking to this guy?

    Other have a 51 YO?
    Father/ his kid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lala View Post
    Same kid.

    Originally Posted by lala

    My Jesus
    Find me o lawdy, I'm ready to shoot myself. I'm tired, soooo tired of shit people. Tired of fighting to live and love. Tired of it ALL. Just tired. I'm close. I really am.


    She served, unlike your fatass self. 1st Cav.
    So thanks for paying respect where its due, cunt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toronto Mike View Post
    Awwwww, po lil fake nazi wannabe got hurted feewings? What facade is next? A Jewish diplomat? An arabian oil exec? A black panther? A cross dresser in san fran?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mossfern View Post
    I know.

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    So, was this driver a space cowboy or gangster of love?

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    DLP is just full of happy people today. Exiting this thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toronto Mike View Post
    Try to keep up Thanx..
    3 fatalities. Plane?! Or protesters?

    ​Im'a goin south , way down , appalachicola way

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