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Thread: Italy: jew politician wants to criminalize politically incorrect ideas and gestures

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    Hey , i'm a prepper

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    My Jesus
    Find me o lawdy, I'm ready to shoot myself. I'm tired, soooo tired of shit people. Tired of fighting to live and love. Tired of it ALL. Just tired. I'm close. I really am.


    She served, unlike your fatass self. 1st Cav.
    So thanks for paying respect where its due, cunt.

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    Hey you faggot thread got moved!!
    You can't counter my arguments, so you blather about how I should be raped and killed, and you start threads in which you ask the moderators to censor me. You jew-lackeys are truly pathetic.

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    Here's the latest "antisemitic" non-event in Italy that jewish organizations and jewish media outlets are trying to exploit:

    Supporters of the Italian football (soccer) team Lazio decided to make fun of their Roma rivals by creating stickers of Anne Frankenstein wearing the Roma uniform:

    The normal thing would have been to ignore this harmless and insignificant joke, but jewish organizations and jewish media outlets from Italy, Europe, the US and Israel decided to turn this non-event into a top story in order to attack and agitate against the Italians. Here are some examples of what I'm talking about:

    Football: Lazio fans probed over anti-Semitic Anne Frank stickers

    Soccer: Italy Investigates Anti-Semitic Anne Frank Stickers at Stadium

    They wheeled out Italy's major politicians, including the president Sergio Mattarella, and had them strongly condemn the Lazio supporters who were responsible for these harmless stickers, and Israel's minister of culture and sports, Miriam "Miri" Regev, said that she was shocked and that the Lazio supporters should be severely punished.

    Yes, folks, this is the same Miri Regev who says that African refugees who come to Israel are a cancer, and who thinks that Palestinian women and children should be shot:

    Pissrael's minister of culture says Palestinian children should be shot

    Here's Miri Regev with make-up / airbrush / photoshop:

    And here's what she really looks like:

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    Because of this harmless joke, Lazio's players were forced to wear shirts with Anne Frankenstein's face on them:

    Lazio to wear image of Anne Frank on shirts after fans' anti-Semitic slogans

    Jews are the most powerful and privileged group in Italy. Just like in the US.

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