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Thread: Jew journalist talks about how ugly her jewish face is

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mossfern View Post
    My family fled the Czar's Cossacks and the pogroms - before the Bolsheviks.
    I'm not a Bolshevik.
    Quote Originally Posted by Exposing_The_Hate_Tribe View Post
    Ah yes, the eternal con men, usurers, exploiters, chauvinists, sex slave traders and murderers portraying themselves as victims.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mossfern View Post
    At least he was being honest in his answers.
    I didn't watch the Glen Beck portion of the video - was that important?

    I'd like to know what he's being vilified for: his disinterest when he was a traumatized child, his making money by acting on a good sense of prediction, his giving money to causes that he believes in, his keeping money in off shore accounts, his disbelief in God, or that he was born Jewish...or wealthy.
    How about the fact that he brings third world rapists, murderers and terrorists to Europe? This is an especially big problem in Italy, and since I watch Italian news programs and read Italian newspapers, I often come across horrifying news stories about brutal rape and murder cases where the culprits are immigrants from Africa and the Middle East.

    Jew globalist Soros's evil/stupid apologists claim that most of these "refugees" are good people, and that Soros is helping them get to Europe because he's a kind and compassionate person who really feels for them, and wants them to have a better life.

    Now, even if we accept the claim that most of the "refugees" are good people (something which I'm not prepared to do), the claim is still bullshit because it has been revealed that Soros's "humanitarian" organizations are working with human traffickers to bring them to Europe. These human traffickers, mainly negroes and Semites, are extremely evil and sadistic pieces of garbage who rape, torture and in some cases even kill the "refugees" that they're supposed to help, and for those reasons they're arrested by the Italian authorities and convicted in Italian courts.

    If jew globalist Soros cares so much about these "refugees", then why do his "humanitarian" organizations work with brutal criminals who rape and murder them? The answer, of course, is that Soros doesn't care about them; he simply uses them as a weapon to destroy Europe.

    Read more here:

    Prosecutor says globalist jew demon Soros is working with human traffickers

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    Evil, anti-American jew senator Upchuck Schumer:

    Diversity Visa Lottery: Inside the Program That Admitted a Terror Suspect

    The terrorist attack in New York quickly turned into a debate over immigration policy after President Trump revealed Wednesday that Sayfullo Saipov, the man accused of killing eight people, had benefited from an obscure program known as the diversity visa lottery. Mr. Trump’s comment — and his attack on Senator Chuck Schumer, the New York Democrat who was instrumental in creating the program in 1990 — threw a spotlight on the lottery,

    Upchuck Schumer. "Trust me."

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    More pictures of "God's chosen people":

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    You seem to be quite obsessed with your fellow jews, shlomo.
    Quote Originally Posted by PTA View Post
    I'm going to find a real forum.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jhoffa_X View Post

    Losta luck, Mister.

    99% of the places out there will ban your troll BS in under 10 seconds.

    "Mon cher Billy, tu es un homme plus masculin, est tres beau, aussi. Son organ masculin c'est incroyable, plus enorme, tous les dames sont tailler un pipe."

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    The beauty of "God's chosen people":

    Photos of Tel Aviv Gay Pride Parade's Colorful Oasis

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    “Ba’shana haba’a neshev,” I clapped along giddily as I crooned the Hebrew song about hope, wishing that my husband and 1-year-old daughter would join in. They were enjoying the band on Israeli Independence Day at a Conservative synagogue

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    Quote Originally Posted by BillyBob View Post
    You seem to be quite obsessed with your fellow jews, shlomo.
    Interestingly, your buddy Mossfart, who is an anti-white jew hag, also likes to say/imply that her opponents are, or act, or look like jews. That's the jews' worst insult: to accuse somebody of being one of them.

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    Jewey Jew Jew Joo Joos........... etc.
    What would ETHT do without Jew to obsess about?
    "...if life is going to exist in a Universe of this size, then the one thing it cannot afford to have is a sense of proportion."

    ]Douglas Adams, The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe

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    dance with joy?

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