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Thread: Disgusting jew shitbag Harvey Weinstein sexually harassed women for decades

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    Angelina Jolie and Ashley Judd are among the women who were sexually harassed by jew sleazebag Swinestein:

    30 Women Who Have Accused Harvey Weinstein of Sexual Assault or Harassment

    Days after a series of sexual harassment allegations against the film producer Harvey Weinstein were made public in a report in The New York Times, women are still coming forward to tell their stories.

    These two overrated, opportunistic Hymiewood celebrities agitated against the "sexist" Donald Trump, but did nothing to expose Swinestein's sexual harassment/assault of countless women. Now, what does that tell you about jewish influence in the West? Are we still "paranoid antisemites"?
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    Don't fall for the propaganda by feminazi cunts. The truth is Weinstein isn't a good guy, but he's not a rapist. What he was doing was using the Hollywood casting couch to get laid. He didn't force anyone to have sex, nor did he punish anyone for not fucking him. What he did was help Hollywood sluts to get parts if they would fuck him. It was quid pro quo of those bitches' own free will. They were like, "I get the part if I just fuck your ugly Jew cock? Okay, I'm in" and then DECADES later when feminist whores decide to attack him, they're all suddenly, "Oh, he's such an evil misogynist for fucking me in exchange for a part in a movie." Weinstein is guilty of being a Hollywood sleaze bag, but not of being a rapist. Turd Flinging Monkey destroys the feminazi arguments:

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    As always, it's his word against her word in almost every instance.

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    List of Weinstein's fresh accusers.

    Asia Argento (actress/filmmaker)
    Ex: (autographed nudes)
    "Reluctantly agreed to" give a massage. Then things went south, as it were. LOL.

    Rosanna Arquette (actress)
    “My heart was really racing".

    Jessica Barth (actress)
    Trade a movie role for a massage with happy ending? What say?

    Zoë Brock (actress)
    "I let him put his hands on my shoulders while my mind raced."

    Liza Campbell (writer and artist)
    "What do you say we both jump in the bath?" he bellowed.

    Emma de Caunes (actress)
    He came out of the shower with an erection. [Wait ... and she was still there?]

    Cara Delevingne (actress)
    Relieved to find another woman in his room and thought she was safe. He asked us to kiss and she began advancing on her under his direction ... and "I began to sing". OMG.

    Lucia Evans (former aspiring black actress)
    He suggested she had a part in ‘Project Runway’. She said, over and over, ‘I don’t want to do this, stop, don’t ... I tried to get away, but maybe I didn’t try hard enough.” Hmm .. Clear the landing strip!?

    Dawn Dunning (former actress, now a costume designer)
    She could sign ... on one condition: a three-way.

    Romola Garai (actress)
    “Like every other woman in the industry, I’ve had an ‘audition’ ... where I’d actually already had the audition ..." Play it again, Sam.

    Louisette Geiss (actress/screenwriter)
    My heart was racing ...

    Louise Godbold (co-executive director of the nonprofit Echo Parenting & Education)
    Trapped in an empty meeting room, begging for a massage, his hands on my shoulders as I attempted to beat a retreat …

    Judith Godrèche (actress)
    Said he gave massages to his secretary all the time ...

    Heather Graham (actress)
    Actress friend agreed to chaperone, but on the way there, called to say she couldn't make it. OMG, LOL.

    Ambra Battilana Gutierrez (model)
    Gave her tickets to “Finding Neverland". He would meet her at the show.

    Angelina Jolie (actress/filmmaker)
    “This behavior towards women in any field, any country is unacceptable.” Unacceptable. Yeah, right. LOL.

    Ashley Judd (actress)
    He steered her toward a closet, and then toward the bathroom. LOL. Be sure to use your turn signals.

    Katherine Kendall (actress)
    “He literally chased me.”

    Laura Madden (former Weinstein Company production assistant)
    “You constantly question yourself — am I the one who is the problem?” LOL

    Sarah Ann Masse (actress, comedian, and writer)
    “Gave me this really tight, close hug that lasted for quite a long period of time. He was still in his underwear.

    Rose McGowan (actress)
    $100,000 settlement was "not to be construed as an admission", but intended to 'avoid litigation and buy peace ...'"

    Emily Nestor (former front-desk assistant at the Weinstein Company)
    ‘You know, you could be my girlfriend," he said. He said he would "never ... do anything like Bill Cosby.” She assumed that he meant he had never drugged a woman. Okay ...

    Gwyneth Paltrow (actress)
    “I thought you were my Uncle Harvey.” LOL

    Zelda Perkins (former London assistant at the Weinstein Company)
    She was particularly concerned about the treatment of another woman in the office, and told him that he had to stop.

    Tomi-Ann Roberts (former actress, now a psychology professor)
    Told her from the tub that she would give a much better audition if she were comfortable “getting naked in front of him” because the character had a topless scene. If she could not bare the titties in private, she would not be able to do it on film. Psychology at work right there, Pervsia.

    Léa Seydoux (actress)
    It was hard to say no because he’s so powerful. All the girls are scared of him. I wasn’t afraid of him, though ... because I knew what kind of man he was all along.

    Lauren Sivan (reporter)
    He jerked off into a potted plant, and then they walked back into the kitchen. LOL.

    Mira Sorvino (actress)
    Started massaging her shoulders and " sort of" chased her around the room. Apparently, with his financial help, she went on to produce a movie, “Mighty Aphrodite,” which nailed her an Academy Award.
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    Wtf? A sitting POTUS cheated on his lesbian wife, lied about it, got impeached and still kept his job. Who gives a fuck what some Hollywood lib faggot does? I sure don't.
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    "Mon cher Billy, tu es un homme plus masculin, est tres beau, aussi. Son organ masculin c'est incroyable, plus enorme, tous les dames sont tailler un pipe."

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    Care, Eddy, care.

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    From Aggressive Overtures to Sexual Assault: Harvey Weinstein’s Accusers Tell Their Stories

    Since the establishment of the first studios a century ago, there have been few movie executives as dominant, or as domineering, as Harvey Weinstein. (…) Three women—among them Argento and a former aspiring actress named Lucia Evans—told me that Weinstein raped them, allegations that include Weinstein forcibly performing or receiving oral sex and forcing vaginal sex. Four women said that they experienced unwanted touching that could be classified as an assault. In an audio recording captured during a New York Police Department sting operation in 2015 and made public here for the first time, Weinstein admits to groping a Filipina-Italian model named Ambra Battilana Gutierrez, describing it as behavior he is “used to.” Four of the women I interviewed cited encounters in which Weinstein exposed himself or masturbated in front of them.

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    You know, Ringo Starr could deliver the bottom end of your vocals -- sort of keep it all on the ground. You should call him.

    It would help your sales enormously, and that's an understatement.

    15% finders fee, and you come up with his contact info. I would but my computer is acting up.

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    Not me. I don't give a fuck.
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    I'm going to find a real forum.
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    Losta luck, Mister.

    99% of the places out there will ban your troll BS in under 10 seconds.

    "Mon cher Billy, tu es un homme plus masculin, est tres beau, aussi. Son organ masculin c'est incroyable, plus enorme, tous les dames sont tailler un pipe."

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    Eddy? Come on, man, I need a new snowmobile.

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