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Thread: Linda Sarsour: Palestine's last hope.

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    Linda Sarsour: Palestine's last hope.

    Linda Sarsour has it all: personality, brains, courage to fight the JEWS! and she's quite a cookie.

    Her courage in defending the rights of the enslaved Palestinians has been nothing short of amazing.

    She has been a fierce advocate of BDS and has made inroads in showing up the JEWS for the bloodthirsty killers they truly are.

    But Linda has been quiet lately and I'm wondering wha hoppen!

    Based on recent info I received from ALJAZEERA ,they tell me that there's a plan in the works to create a state for the Pals.

    But if one doesn't come out of recent negotiations . I know Linda plans nationwide protests.

    Linda plans to appear everywhere and she plans to denounce the JEWZIONISTS including the Jew who posts on this forum in no uncertain terms.

    Linda says she doesn't care a plate of felafel what others think. If she needs to join the NSDAP.. she will do that just to get the Jews out of the West Bank and GAZA!

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    ​Im'a goin south , way down , appalachicola way

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    I wish Linda would come out of hiding and begin her campaign to reveal the Jewish threat on humanity.

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